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STAFF WRITER:  Mary Jimenez a.k.a Mary Mussette  09/19/2009

When you are learning to do links on the Internet, then you will need to make sure that you are able to understand the process that means to have and create internet links to other pages as well as to create links for the pages that comprise your web site.  links on the Internet work as book marks, all you need to do is click on any of them and a new window or your current explorer window will change to present you the web site or web page that you are trying to reach.


As a general rule, links on the Internet work in correspondence, you can or are able to take information, sources as well as graphic work (desktop images, wall paper and so on) in exchange of providing or embedding a link to the page or web site where you got the source from as a courtesy from your side.  The same thing applies to you, if other people take information, resources and graphics from your side, netiquette states that they should be gracious enough to provide and embed a link to your web site or web page as a thank you note.


Sadly this is not always the case, but still those that keep up with manners and that are correct and gracious enough to do so are still the vast majority.  Therefore it is important for you to prepare and to have the adequate graphics created for your web site and your web pages so that when someone is taking information, sources and graphics from your site or even quoting you in their web page or web site that there is a way for them to embed a link.


Graphic design on the interactive link that you can place has to be created and provided with two characteristics.  The HTML language has to be displayed so that the web master, designer or creator can copy it and paste it on the HTML manager of his or her own web sites and web pages. And the final look, meaning that you have to put the way the linking interactive button has to look once its HTML code has been pasted in the correct place.


A good idea will always be to keep the graphic designs fresh and constantly renewed so that those web masters, owners and designers that visit your web page or web site will be enticed and encouraged to embed your link graphics to their own personal web sites, web pages and even blogs.


When you are creating a commercial web site there are many links that you can embed in the web site and along the different web pages that conform it.  Generally, when you are offering a service or a product, there is a vast variety of products and services that can be purchased or hired to round up the product or service that you are providing, consequently, it is a good idea to embed in your web site or web page the shopping best sites links.


For instance, if you are offering or selling a product some useful links on the Internet will be to provide your surfers to links for good, cheap and good coverage delivery services so that they can choose the right one for them.  Of course, there are many couriers available that you can hire not only inside the US territory but also world wide; and this is particularly important regarding the type of service and of products that you are planning to sell.


Taking the URL addresses for these couriers can be done from listing web pages links, and these be acquired through a simple query in your preferred search engine.  Once you have visited the page of the courier that you want to embed, you can take the logo graphic and create the embedded link for your website with little to no effort.  In most cases, though, these companies have their own logos and graphic work that they request you to use when you want to embed their links onto your web sites, web pages and online blogs.


But a courier service is not the only thing that you can or should consider when planning the embedding of useful links on the Internet onto your web site or web pages.  Once again, if you are selling a product, then shopping best sites links can provide you and some friends a good and mutually beneficial relationship since they will be able to sell the corresponding accessory, for instance, if you are selling blouses, the links that you embed can be for pants, skirts and shoes.


If you do not have friends that provide services or products that you can use as a rounding service or enhancement to the service or product that you are already providing, then all you need to do is to find links to web sites via query.  Browsing the many shopping best sites links that are provided to you by your favorite search engine once you have done this you can select those links that you believe are most adequate for your web site and your web pages.


Finally, there is one last source for links on the Internet that you can and should consider when you are planning and building your web site or web page or even the blog; this is the surfing that you do by yourself.  Visiting different web sites and web pages will provide you with access to different links to other pages, finding links to web sites inside the web sites that you are visiting is the final source for links.


As a result, you will be required to spend some time surfing and visiting pages as well as taking notes to what links and web pages as well as those web sites that are most recommendable for you and for the goal that you plan to achieve with your web site.


So, keep close to you a small notebook and write them down, it will be easier for you to keep track of the websites that you want and like on a notebook than on the internet explorer itself.  Sometimes rebooting your computer will cause the bookmarks to crash or be deleted, thus you will loose all the information on them that you have.


One of the biggest problems that new web designers and neophyte web site owners have when they are developing their own web sites and pages is to write the right commands for their links to work properly.  If your links are not working correctly check the following for mistakes:


  • Your HTML tags should always be typed in between “<” and “>”.  For example: <a href=url>
  • Always close your HTML commands with the right one.  As a rule, all HTML commands are closed with a “/” and a letter.  For instance, the closing command for the hyperlink is </a>
  • The word, phrase of image that is placed in between the opening and the closing command, otherwise the linking will continue and create a malfunction.
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