Find out about Alexa Information Company and Alexa Toolbar.

Founded in April-1996, Alexa Internet was envisioned by a group of intelligent web users who envisaged web navigation as a tool for constant technological improvement. The company’s name originated from the library of Alexandria and the system pays homage to this mammoth repository of knowledge of the bygone days and links it to the potential of today’s Internet marketing. The participation of web users has assisted in the development of an installation that is based on millions of toolbars. Nowadays it is deemed as one of the largest web crawls with an infrastructure that can process and serve massive amounts of data. The users of Alexa toolbar and website have created the evolution of products that has greatly influenced web navigation and intelligence.


For web developers, the set of tools and data presented by this company has immensely enhanced the scope of news services on Alexa platform. The unprecedented scope in service and product development could not have been possible without the participation of Alexa toolbar community. All the participants, besides getting a utility tool, are also giving information. Each member contributes valuable and informative data about the web. It discloses information based on the usage of data and its importance. The information that has been gathered is again recycled to the community as related links, traffic rankings and many other such details. Any web user can participate simply by installing the Alexa toolbar and inform their friends. The greater the participation amongst friends the utility of the tool increases.


Alexa website has been created based on the deliberation that timely and relevant information is essential for a vital web presence. The Alexa website has developed a collective database of information about sites that include statistics related links and more. The company also has a list of Top sites which is available world wide in any language and category. Web users can easily download a free file of global top million sites sorted by Alexa traffic rank. For website owners, Alexa has created a series of tools to assist in driving web traffic for enhanced income and to locate broken names. It offers the platform wherein the innovative web solutions and services based on Alexa’s vast database of information acts as the basis for solving web related problems.


It helps other web developers, researchers, website owners and commercial entrepreneurs to incorporate information from Alexa web services into their own sites or services. Users can access information on website traffic data, related links, contact information as well as a variety of other functional data. Using this web service, developers can comprehend traffic rankings and the reasons behind their position. The web service assures people that they can browse at least hundred websites at a time and, by using multiple requests, retrieve lists of any size. Besides providing information on traffic ranking, Alexa toolbar also provides information on the number of page views the site receives and the number of Alexa users visiting the site can also be ascertained. This helps to build awareness of the site’s popularity. The data can be used internally to make business decisions such as the most likely places to advertise. Alexa web service enables developers to incorporate high quality web traffic intelligence into a site’s application techniques.

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