Find out about Webmaster Resources for Google.

A comprehensive list of Webmaster resources shows the importance of various Google tools in a website for obtaining better ranking in search results. The search engine Google invites website owners to add the URL as they update and frequently add new sites to the index each time the web is crawled. To avail of this feature the full URL of the website along with keywords describing the content of the page is also necessary. In order to know the status of any website certain guidelines are suggested. If these steps are followed diligently, website owners can be aware of the sites’ status in Google index as well as create a personal targeted Ads using Google AdWord. This matches the website content and also helps the web visitors to locate products as well as maximize their Ad revenue.


Google quality site search reduces the support costs and keeps the users on the site for a longer duration. This turns the browsers into potential buyers. Submitting additional content and sharing the content for free across Google, ensures a better ranking for the site. Google allows the web clients to advertise their business on Google search engine. In spite of having budget constraints, website owners are advised to display their Ads on Google. The ads appear besides the related search results and people click on them to connect with the site’s business. The Ads can also be created through some selected keywords which are related to the client’s business. When people search on Google using the keywords, the Ads appear next to search results. This implies that the website owner is advertising to the audience who are already interested in the product.


Web users simply click on the Ad to make a purchase or learn more about the product details. This method is cost effective as one does not need a web page to get started as Google creates one for free. As there are thousands of quality websites, news pages and blogs that partner with Google for displaying Ads, the Google content network has a vast outreach all over the web and can be concretely translated into high conversion rates. Google’s “contextual targeting technology” automatically matches Ads to web pages in the content network which are most relevant for the website owner’s business. For greater control, placement targeting is suggested where specific sites can be hand picked for the Ads to appear. Google also allows the site to measure and optimize their result with Placement Program Report where the visibility of the Ads along with their performance on individual sites, the number of clicks, cost and conversion data can be identified.


Based on this data, the better performing sites can aggressively target for more increased sales. AdWords provide keyword traffic and cost estimates in order to make informed decisions. This tool also identifies the prospective buyers. Google Analytics, another Webmaster resource, provides rich insights into website traffic and marketing effectiveness through its flexible and easy to use features. It helps the web clients to buy the appropriate keywords, target best markets for conversion of web traffic into purchasing customers.

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