Find out how a Website Functions as Promotional Vehicle in the Internet.

A website can be viewed anywhere in the world and contains information about the product range, services and promotional campaigns of an organization. The promotional programs are specifically country based. All websites make an effort to ensure but does not guarantee the accuracy, integrity, accessibility and timeliness of information. The details of products displayed as well as links, advertisement banners and information about services and resources are geared towards a website’s development. Creating a successful Internet presence primarily involves listing the website with the search engines. Over dependence on search engines to bring in traffic may not be prudent all the time. It is more effective when a promotional strategy is developed by the website.


When launching a new website, the first step involves submitting the site to search engines and directories. Once the manual submission of main web pages is completed to major search engines and directories, it is advisable to submit the web pages in a number of additional search engines and directories. Websites organize their promotional strategy and categorize them as daily, weekly, monthly and miscellaneous promotions. During daily promotions, using the discussion board helps as it focuses on a platform that creates a sharing expertise. Prior to posting on the discussion board it is advisable to verify how the board functions. The weekly promotional strategy of a website consists of placing a paid e-zine advertisement and arranging ad swaps with fellow publishers. The directory of e-zine gives a complete list of hundreds of publishers along with their details and contact information.


For best promotional results, the ad placement and ad swaps should include publication and publishers’ names along with hyper linked web addresses. Through monthly promotional strategy, the websites include articles about the product range utility along with promotional exchanges with similar websites. Writing articles that can be freely published with a company by-line is believed to be the best promotional method of any Internet marketer. Cross promoting is another powerful technique used by Internet marketers to increase the exposure of products and services.  Recommendations for any products or services are the most effective technique in cross promotion. By providing each other with personal recommendations is a sure way of increasing the response rate tremendously.


Some of the popular cross promotion techniques used by Internet marketers for boosting business include :

  • Link exchanges,
  • E-zine ad swaps,
  • Subscription exchange,
  • E-zine column,
  • E-book exchanges,
  • Ride Alongs.


Exchanging links with similar websites increases search engine ranking and enhances website traffic. By swapping ads with fellow e-zine publishers, the website owner can run their ads in other publications free of cost. Exchanging subscription information and providing recommendation is also helpful. Partnering with similar publication and providing content to each other boosts a company’s image. Similarly, e-book exchanges through partnership with fellow Internet marketers bring forth mutual benefits. “Ride Alongs” – extra information sent along with direct mailing also assists the Internet marketers. Once the promotional strategies are implemented in the website, the results are outstanding as consistent efforts drive massive traffic to any website.

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