Find out how Google Increases Traffic Share.

Google search engine uses some of the best strategies to drive users to their client’s website. To improve the visibility of their client’s web pages they prolifically use the valuable guidelines propounded by Google’s Webmaster tools. Google has highlighted the five techniques wherein the client can take advantage of the tools to improve the visibility of the web content that has been created with such effort for the general information of web users.

  1. Submission of all web pages to the Google index free of cost.

By using Google Webmaster Tools when submitting the site’s URLs, the website owner assists Google “spider” to crawl the web content fully in a more thorough and efficient manner. Webmaster tools allow the site owner to submit all of their web pages to the Google index as this procedure is particularly useful for ensuring that the search engines are aware about all dynamically generated URLs or pages that are not adequately linked to their website. However, it has to be noted that the mere submission of a page to Google index does not guarantee inclusion nor influences the Page Rank and is certainly not a replacement for creating compelling and useful content.

  1. Ascertain how Google views the website.

Once the site owner has ensured that major search engines have access to their site, the clients can view the common words that have been used to link to their pages which are also visible to Google. This enables the site owner to see the trends in their site’s content and helps in determining the most significant keywords. At the same time, the web pages attaining the highest Page Rank can also be ascertained.

  1. Diagnose potential problems.

When Google has trouble accessing any website or specific pages and fails to crawl or index the page, fixing the errors can help to improve the overall coverage. When pages are blocked, the site owner can use the robots.txt analysis tool to test changes that have been implemented to that file in order to ensure access. The website owner can also see the pages that are being blocked. This procedure allows the client to experiment with changes.

  1. Ascertain which queries drive traffic to the website.

Through the usage of Google Webmaster tools, the website owner can determine which Google queries created “click-throughs” to their site and the site’s ranking in the search results in context of that particular search term. The site owner can also view data for individual properties and countries.

  1. Get the website re-included.

If the client’s website has disappeared from the search results page, implementing Google quality guidelines may help the site to be re-positioned in search results. However this depends on rectifying the problems on the site and placing a request re-inclusion form from Google Webmaster tools account. Moreover, it is needless to say that the re-inclusion request form is only available to people who avail of Google Webmaster tools.

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