Find out how to use Multiple “C” Class IP Hosting with SEO.

SEO hosting allows Webmasters to host websites from a single control panel (WHM) and assigns each account its individual “C” Class IP hosting. Every SEO hosting plan is accompanied by private brand name servers on different “C” Class IP addresses. Hosting with SEO suggests that the sites would be accessible via a fully meshed Cisco Network featuring 10 backbone providers. The hosting plans are designed from sites requiring advanced search engine optimization tools. The web hosting provider determines a successful SEO campaign. SEO hosting has ensured customers to depend on a reliable and easy to use interface that have been developed for optimum search engine ranking.


Each of the hosting plans has the same general features. The only major parity lies in the number of sites one wishes to create, disk space and bandwidth. As the plans are not restricted by establishment fees or contracts, upgrading is quick and easy which is possible whenever the website owner runs out of space / bandwidth. Google holds back links of a website in high esteem. But it does not consider those back links that have been hosted from websites on the same “C” Class IP address. If the website owner is interested in enhancing the rank of the website for a particular keyword, then multiple “C” Class IP hosting is the right procedure to obtain high volume of targeted traffic.


Basically, the IP consists of four segments : Classes A, B, C and D.  They identify a particular network and the host on that network. To ensure that Google counts the back links hosted on IP addresses in the same IP “C” Class, it is necessary to create websites on different “C” Classes and place the back links on them. Once this facility is availed of, the website owner can register 10 different domain names in accordance with the niche the website deals in to create Word Press blog on individual domains. Crafting exclusive keyword rich articles for these blogs enables the site to obtain hyper linked back links. In the event of boosting the site’s position in search engine results page, these back links’ performance have been known to be quite amazing. They effectively enhance the SERP for the specific keywords since the site has back links from 10 different websites. This technique increases the trustworthiness of the site and creates huge traffic from search engines.

Hence, multiple “C” Class IP hosting is one of the most successful bases to boost search engine rankings of any website. Though link building is considered by some to be an expensive option but multiple “C” Class hosting makes its implementation simple and cost effective for Webmasters. Nowadays entrepreneurs are facing big competition for their on-line businesses. To achieve the objective of a website being different from the standard crowd, it is imperative to create one that remains up and live all the time for the visitors. The simple manner by which the website’s uptime is enhanced is through multiple name servers. This technique guarantees that the website is never at a risk of losing visitors and web traffic.

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