Find out the Factors that determine the Off-Page Optimization.

While contemplating search engine optimization, the on-page issues normally form the backbone of a website. It is also true that numerous off-page factors boost the search engine ranking scores in various search engines. At times, few SEO experts claim that off-page optimization would be the decisive factor of SEO optimization. Some of the factors governing sound off-page optimization are the following :

01)      It is necessary to review the website first as it needs sound research before designing an entire website. It is also compulsory to check all the links including inbound, outbound, broken and cross links of different web pages in a website.

02)      It is imperative to have a steady rate of submission. It may so happen that the rate of submission may be high or low but the prime factor governing the submission is that it should be maintained in a consistent manner to ensure that a submission pattern has been created in the search engine data base.

03)      While proceeding towards link exchange, whether reciprocal or triangle, the approach should be towards quality links than the quantity of links. The concept of quality links to a website is highly appreciated in organic SEO optimization strategies.

04)      The website owner should maintain a log for monitoring and regular tracking of the outbound links. This strategy would eliminate spam and ineffective outbound links to one’s website.

05)      It is also necessary to involve oneself in writing several well composed articles on the theme of the website. This should be an on-going practice as it helps in promoting the website speedily. The number of articles also boosts the search engine’s score of the website.

06)      Stressing on good content and banner exchange has a better chance in off-page optimization than merely opting for reciprocal link building. It is important to identify those websites which are willing to exchange information on common shared ground.

07)      For off-page optimization strategies to work in favor of a website, it is vital to weed out duplicate content in the website.

08)      Blog writing and inserting important sentences on the same theme based blog is recommended.

09)      Registering in several well known theme based forums and consulting them regarding business policies is believed to be a passive way of publicizing and promoting a business website. The main logic behind this strategy is that business houses are offering to insert the website owner’s signature thereby giving them a chance to place their web address as a link to that particular site.


Other off-page optimization factors depend on Anchor text used in the link, the title of page, the page rank and the age of the website that a particular website is linked to. Link management is an important aspect of off-page optimization and it is far better to have quality links than a bunch of unreliable and unrelated theme websites. Quality link refers to trusted and aged websites that have a high page rank. It is also important to obtain links from relevant websites that has common grounds with the linked web content.

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