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Search engines tracked 112 million blogs in 2007. Blogs have become a commonplace for people to post ideas, comments, as well as opinions online. There are several sites dedicated to sharing information, from “How To” advice, to political views, to simply, fun videos and commentaries, anyone can share. A free ad, correctly placed on a popular blog that links to your website, could in fact be quite lucrative. Whether you’re interested in advertising your website on a bloggers site, or whether you think you’ve got what it takes to blog, here are a few facts you should know.

Popular blogs are run by dedicated people. These sites are maintained and updated frequently. If you think that you can post a blog, sit back, and drinking a cold one under the sun, you may want to think again. Bloggers are constantly coming up with new ideas, adding to the ones they’ve already published and making sure their sites are running at optimum capacity.

Blog about what you know. Keep it real, and people will want to visit you, as would friends. Resort to trickery and dishonesty and you may as well be talking to yourself.

Keywords are the link between your blog and the people that are seeking you out. Therefore, the right keyword or phrases are imperative. Keywords are a reference to the content included in a website. In order for your site to be found and displayed to a potential client by a search engine, your keywords must match the searcher engines results. When choosing the right keywords, put yourself in the shoes of the potential client. Ask yourself, what words would this person use to describe what he or she is looking for? If you can’t pin point the answer, you may want to contact an SEO such as

Using an over abundance of keywords throughout a website without a concise use of the words, can become quite offensive and blatantly misleading.  If you’re interested in repeat visitors, and a possible sale, don’t over use keywords as a way to attract exposure, at the end, someone is going to shut you down. I’m sure you’ve been there, searching the net for something, you need and suddenly you’re in a site that has nothing to do with your search. Ads free can be potentially profitable, but remember to use them as if your business depends on them, because it does.

Maintaining the integrity of a web site may take a little work, but the pay off could generate a valuable income. Keep in mind that your website or blog is a place where people come to shop for something, be it, a particular tangible item, or whether they’re just looking for information on a specific topic, they should be treated with respect.

There are sites that, simply display a ad free. Caution, a page full of ads may end-up being irritating to a potential client. Ads should be posted on like-sites making it simple for a seeker to find you through a simple click.

The internet has sort of lost its wow factor. Everyone from grade school children, to grandma and grandpas are surfing the net like pros. Yet the hidden potential is underused, and for the most part, the everyday user has barely scratched the surface. Getting onboard this incredible venture and all of its possibilities of reaching the masses through free ads, banner ads and exchange links could be a gold mine. The days of door-to-door sales are long gone, but the premise is the same. Presentation is everything.

Anything posted online needs to be monitored to uphold the laws that govern certain illegal activity. Websites should be checked for foul language, copyright infringement and pornographic or offensive material. There are those who believe the internet has become a free for all, yet some of the more prominent websites like MySpace and Facebook, where thousands are constantly networking, have implemented monitoring to keep the users within a certain perimeter of internet netiquette, if you will. There are computer programs that can monitor for these illegal activities when it is displayed through written text, but it is impossible for a computer program to monitor these activities when it is posted online through a picture or a video. This is why it is imperative that a web owner monitor his or her site. Several companies offer these services, companies offering Webmasters who moderate user accounts, interaction on sites, and content.  There are those who specialize in Content Vetting, whose sole purpose is to monitor images, pictures and videos uploaded onto the internet on a particular site.

Free ads can also allow an advertiser the added benefit to collect a visitor’s email address. Web owners obtain email addresses to turn a cold sale into a warm sale. The original contact is made by the buyer, now the seller has a foot in the door. The email address can be used to make future contact with a potential customer. This brings us back to the door-to-door sales approach of yesterday, once the email is provided by an interested customer, it is up to you to keep the clients interest by offering them something useful, be it a tangible product, information or entertainment.

Posting a free ad though any of the search engines, is by the most part, a simple process, keep in mind that they will help you get the ad up and running, and then they’ll try to sell you an upgrade. For a fee, they will help you place ads that are more lucrative. No doubt, advertising has always been, and always be, the heart beat of a business. Free ads may just be the first step you take on your way to a successful online venture. is ready to answer all your questions regarding free advertising, optimization and web development.

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