Finding a Local SEO Service for Your Business

Staff writer: Erica Curcio

Date: 7.9.2012


In today’s society, there is no place more important to stand out in than the world of technology, mobile marketing, and the internet marketplace. We all know that going viral is the best way to have a social presence. Learning how to get your business online can be just as nebulous as the internet advertising world in itself is.


Although getting a lot of views is a great thing, it is important to ask yourself how many of the people viewing your website can legitimately walk in the door of your business if you do not have a clear strategy to deal with local and mobile marketing.  The bottom line as a business owner is that you want more people to get to your website to purchase your services or products. Finding a local seo service may just be the ticket you need to get on the map.


To be found on the Search Engine Results Pages or SERPS, it is important that you are providing the most relevant content for your area.  Since people often search by location and the location of their IP address is taken into account when searching for a particular product or service, hiring someone locally, who understands the needs of consumers in your area and how to reach them, may be the best answer for you.


Mobile searches are the ones that result in the most business and they are also the ones that are the most localized when people need something immediately, making it more crucial than ever to be in touch with your community’s needs.  An SEO service in Los Angeles will better understand the needs of Southern Californians and what appeals to them an SEO service in New York.


A few more considerations to ensure that people in your area can find you:


(1)    Do you have localized keywords?

(2)    Do you have localized Twitter followers and Facebook fans?

(3)    Do you have a mobile site that is easy to navigate on a small screen?

(4)    Do you have your click to call function enabled on your website so that mobile browsers can call you directly from your website?

(5)    Do you have the same address and phone number listed consistently across all social media sites, third party review sites, and anywhere else that your business appears online?


Once local people can find you easily and you have a consistent brand presence, your return on investment will soon follow.  It is crucial that you make sure that you and your internet marketing firm are appealing to people in your area, are mobile-ready, and have consistent contact information to avoid having people give up in frustration when they dial an old phone number or go to your business’ old location.


People may be talking a lot about buying locally right now, but as a business owner, you should be talking about advertising and marketing locally.  Once you are able to appeal to people who can walk in your door without the frustrations of an ad message that isn’t appealing to your area, difficulty finding you, or any of the other frustrations that come with people who aren’t prepared to market locally, your sales will naturally increase.

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