Finding the best advertising techniques for your Internet business and deciding upon manual and other traffic exchange networks.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009


With every marketer searching for the best forms of advertising for SEO or search engine optimization, everyone is asking what is the best manual traffic exchange or exchanges on the World Wide Web.  This has long been a favorite form of advertising for marketers alike.


Traffic exchanges are websites where Internet marketers unite and join one another to view one another’s ads or websites.  The concept is to exchange traffic to one another’s websites.  Product promotion is applied as there are many members looking for new opportunities but most of all members are generating visitors to other webmasters sites through a traffic exchange network.  Although it is somewhat dull, you do receive hits or visitors to your site.  Thus, bringing up your rankings in the search engines and staying ahead of your competitors.  Typically, one is allowed to promote up to ten websites, however, one must view others websites in order to earn credits to have their own shown.  It is an inexpensive way to advertise as it is typically free to join and helps to generate visitors to your site as well as product promotion.


So, how does one know how to choose the best manual traffic exchange?


The top traffic exchanges will direct a high traffic in exchange or high volume of visitors to your website.  This is the largest factor to consider.  Higher traffic means achieving search engine rankings sooner.   Traffic exchange networks work in a ratio meaning you receive “x” amount of views to your website for each website you view.  Obviously, the best ratio would be 1:1.


Another factor will be that the exchange allows manual surfing, meaning traffic exchanges allow both manual and automatic surfing.  With the manual surf, one must view the ads and click a button or captcha after the timer goes off.  With the automated surfing one can click on “surf” and walk away as everything is automated, thus never having to view others ads.  The manual surfing is a much better choice, as website promotion is guaranteed.


All of the best manual traffic exchanges will offer benefits to their members.  The subscriber is typically given credits to sign up.  The member then receives credits for visiting other member’s websites.  The subscriber normally can purchase additional credits.  Rewards such as cash or credits for referrals that the member brings in will be another.  The best traffic exchange will have an earning through a referral program.  This will work somewhat like the matrix programs or Internet programs requiring members.
Although surf traffic exchanges are greatly known for building ranking in the search engines they are an additional way to promote your product and generate sales.  Internet marketers are constantly looking for the next golden opportunity and many will be attracted to your product, especially if presented right.  Surfing contests that the members can participate in will often be a promotion of the traffic exchange network.  This will be the contests such as the member who views the most websites that day will win a cash prize or additional credits on their account.


Through traffic exchange advertising one can drive thousands of visitors to their site. There are a number of surf traffic exchanges on the Internet today.  There are the manual and automatic and there is also HYIP surf traffic exchanges.  The HYIP surf traffic exchanges are designed to generate income to their members.  The member joins and purchases “x” amount of ad credits and in return is paid a percentage for viewing a certain amount of ads for a certain amount of time.  These are risky programs but they do make the member money, provided they do not go down.  Everything is at the subscribers risk so definitely do not invest more than you can afford to lose.


Owning a traffic exchange is another way to generate money.  The traffic exchange will take time and effort to build.  Normally, the traffic exchange network owner will make his money through subscriptions of the members and through selling credits.  An owner of a profitable traffic exchange typically earns $250 a week in profits. The running of the traffic exchange is not difficult.  Nearly everything is automated and the owner will mainly need to stay on top of support tickets.  The upgrading and purchasing credits will all be done automatically through the website.  This is an excellent way to gain added exposure to your site, meet other webmasters, and gain a list or down line.  The expense is a few hundred dollars and can be purchased through other traffic exchange networks.


There are many well known surf traffic exchanges on the Internet today.  One of the most popular is EasyHits4You.  This is by far one of the most popular surf traffic exchanges with over one hundred and fifty thousand members.  In a typical day at EasyHits4You there are over four hundred thousand websites viewed.  That is extremely large.  They do have a 1:1 ratio, but this is for upgraded members only.  The cost is affordable at $6.95 a month and they have contests throughout the month which makes it a great manual surf traffic exchange.


Another top surf traffic exchange is Hit2Hit.  This traffic exchange is a manual traffic exchange as well and one of the top among Internet marketers.  The cost is very affordable.  The subscriber’s site will be reviewed before being allowed to become a member as Hit2Hit is under Dutch law.  The site works side by side with other sites and you may have your site viewed by other traffic exchange sites depending on the amount of credits in which you have.  The owner is fantastic and the support is fabulous.

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