Finding The Right Synergy concepts Definitions for Promotion and Marketing Matters

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/23/2009

Finding a common ground on the different marketing definitions


Marketing definitions abound on the internet and print media. Each sector of the society seems to have one and many business organizations has their own understanding of marketing and each submit their own definitions as the real all encompassing meaning of marketing. One meaning ascribes to marketing as a process of encouraging potential clients or consumers in a particular product or service with emphasis on the word ‘process’. This emphasis on that word connotes that various elements are present that was not mentioned in the rather shorthanded definition. Process here includes the research, sales, promotion and distribution of a client’s products and/or services.


In general several meanings define marketing as focusing on the sales and distribution of particular products and services from its manufacturer or source to the end users who are the consumers or similar other definitions that are a variation of the same theme. One who wishes to enlighten himself then may just be confused as to what definition to use so in an attempt to create a single definition of marketing. The American Marketing Association or AMA defined it as the ‘’activity, set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for clients, customers, partners and society at large.’’ But this was rendered academic when the chartered Institute of Marketing or CIM gave a meaning of its own quoted as ‘’the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.’’


Though these two organizations are considered as marketing authorities in their own rights, it did not stop other business entities from coming out with their own meaning and understanding of the term. When it comes to marketing matters it seems that everyone has his own understanding which are almost all published with the result of which anything you need


Working in synergy


Synergy marketing concepts for one is an example of how different sectors apply different meanings to a term. Basically it means that a team effort will produce a better result overall than if the individual members of the team are working singly or where different individuals work cooperatively to produce a single outcome. This has been taken from the premise that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. But in concept, each organization give to it different meanings to be able to fit an organization’s objectives or announced policies more closely with the result that a client looking for an assistance may find it confusing as to what particular company he will partner with, although on closer scrutiny they are all a variation of the same theme. Synergy marketing concepts can produce either positive or negative synergy and this is an area that needs close monitoring by an organization. A negative synergy will be very counterproductive to a firm’s effort towards market dominance.


Promotions in the field of marketing


While different definitions are ascribed to marketing when discussing about marketing matters, there is a field of marketing that is almost always used interchangeably with it and that is promotions. Marketing and promotions almost always go hand in hand in gaining consumer impact that a promotional tool is often termed as a marketing tool for many promotions are carried out through a marketing department and all its tools are done in the same sector. Though it is just one of the marketing mixes together with product, price and place promotion is an integral part of any marketing drive which in turn is confused with another aspect of marketing which is advertising which in turn is an element of promotion.


Promotion consists of all the necessary communications that a marketer will need in a market place. Aside from advertising, its other three elements are word of mouth which refers to the passing of marketing information from individual to individual; point of sale is a reference to a place where a sales transaction occurred and public relations which refers to the management of all the communications between the company and its consumers. Some promotional campaigns such as that done in promoting a film involve an amount of crossover when the department uses all four elements at the same time.


Promotional tools have evolved over time from a simple microphone that a marketer uses to call and attract customers to his ware to present day internet and printed tools. These promotional materials are tailored to suit the image of the company they are promoting and it is not uncommon for an organization to spend extensively on it. In fact a large part of a product development budget are spent on promoting it that it can take a long time before a company can take back what it spent on promotional materials and gimmicks.


Marketing and promotions though cannot achieve its purpose if it does not operate with the other elements integral to it. Hence an individual or organization that concentrates only on this two will eventually find its campaign failing making its expenses and efforts futile.


In conclusion, one need not base his decision on the meanings that he may read or learn through word of mouth. A marketing partner is only useful to the extent of his utility to an individual or company. An individual or organization should look beyond mere definitions but look deeper into a marketing company’s proven efficiency in handling its commitments and the professionalism that its people has shown in the conduct of a marketing drive. It is through a marketing company’s commitment to his client that it is able to serve its real purpose despite of whatever description other people or company attach to it.

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