Focus, Buzz & Link Marketing issues as a Strategy in the Corporate World

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/23/2009

Buzz marketing is a unique way of marketing where in a company makes a unique advertising to an audience or special group of audience. The traditional process of marketing involves only the marketer who sells a product to the public while this new method of marketing involves only selected audience in which the product or service is advertised. This audience on the other hand serves as the walking advertisers of the company in promoting their products or services to other people in the target market. Studies show that most consumers do not really trust in television advertisements since people think that advertising is just a way of making a product or service sell even though the advertisement is giving false testimonials about the product or service. Most consumers on the other hand would rely on word of mouth testimonials of actual people about their personal experience on the product or service being sold in the market. Buzz marketing however is not new in the marketing world since most companies before the internet age have been practicing this marketing style in different parts of the country and in other countries around the world. The birth of the internet age sparked the revolution in this kind of marketing. A company can even practice this special kind of marketing in the internet with the help of a corporate website. A website contains various information about a company’s product or service in which videos can be posted in blogs or web pages at the same time give appropriate information to the public regarding what the company is offering. Online chat boxes are also available on a corporate website’s webpage in order for a consumer to communicate with the corporation and other consumers as well to testify about the company’s product and services. Some companies under estimate the power of this kind of marketing since they disregard using this marketing strategy. Influencing the market is the main objective of this special kind of marketing thus the major role played by this strategy is to influence first a host market and this host market will spread the information to the whole market. This kind of marketing is much more related to a computer virus that spreads very fast in a short period of time. This kind of marketing strategy is very common in pharmaceutical companies, food and beverage companies and even clothing companies not only in the United States but in the whole world as well.

The Mortal Sin of Advertising for A Company’s Product or Service

There are a lot of ways on how a company can sell its products and services in the market. The presence of technology also plays a large role in the business industry; companies around the country are using all available resources in order to make a lot of profit thru marketing. Issues on how to make a product or service sell in the target are somehow affecting these business firms such as giving out wrong information about a company’s products and services. One concrete example of these marketing issues is a common soap product that uses advertising to entice the market to buy the product. People have accused the company about their soap in which advertising says that it can make a person have a much whiter skin however wasn’t proven even by science. This issue is very common in the corporate world in which companies are using advertising agencies to create advertisements in order to attract a lot of buyers in the market even though the product or service doesn’t really have the said features and benefits. It is a mortal sin not only for companies but also advertising agencies to advertise or give wrong information to the public since it may create confusion and worst of all lose the trust of the product or service’s consumers.

There are five things to remember in marketing. These ideas may be helpful in a company in which may result to proper output in the company’s marketing aspect:

  1. Nothing is permanent – being on top of the industry doesn’t guarantee a business to occupy the top spot forever. However, problems are inevitable thus tomorrow may be a different story for the company. Today the business may be on top and maybe tomorrow it won’t be.
  2. Think first before every action – planning is very crucial in every aspect of a business especially during decision making. A plan serves as a guide in order for a company to achieve its goals. Planning before an action helps reduce risks of losing capital and business failure.
  3. Never lose focus in the business – panic is natural however it should not affect the focus of a business. When the global financial crisis broke out in the United States, a lot of companies worried about losing their capital in the business in which ended up in panic. Never lose focus on the business yet do not be too over confident.
  4. Never argue with clients – arguing with a client is a big NO in the business industry. Always remember that a client is the company’s walking advertiser that is why goodwill among them must always be maintained positive.
  5. Be optimistic yet realistic – thinking positive is not bad however be realistic enough. Problems arises every time of the day in which must not be taken for granted.


The role of advertising in marketing

One of the major contributors in a company’s profit generation is the marketing department and since marketing also deals with promotion, advertising is needed. The role of advertising in marketing a company’s products and services is very essential in order to inform and to aware the public of the existing product or service of a company. Focus marketing is a promotional advertising company that is one of the best business partners of a company. A large number of companies around the country are relying too much on the media to do the promotional tasks for them. Most of the time, this task is the responsibility of the marketing aspect of every company since marketing deals with the overall selling of a company to the market. Advertising agencies are available everywhere in the country thus making advertising aid in the reach of business firms in the United States. Advertising companies can create advertising tools such as posters, tarpaulins, radio advertisements, television advertisements and other sorts of promotional tools in order to inform the public about an existing product, services, or even a company that is out in the market. Building customer goodwill is made possible with the help of advertising firms that is why companies are willing to spend a lot in advertising since the return on investment is very high. Focus marketing on the other offers a wide variety of advertising methods in order to make a company’s product or service visible in the market. Creativity and uniqueness is one of the best qualities that this advertising agency posses that is why this advertising firm is one of the most popular advertising agency in the United States.

Creating Links with other Related Firms

Link marketing is also one way a company can gain a lot of customers in the market. Link marketing is also considered a good business strategy in directing potential clients to the company. This is a very popular marketing strategy that is very common in the web in which a corporate website establishes links with other tie-up websites in which creates a directing link straight to a company as soon as an online surfer clicks the link in a webpage.

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