Free Access to Google Media planning: a Revolutionary, Cost-Effective Method of Advertising

Staff Writer: Max Smith

The entire world is like a treasure chest of businesses ranging from major to minor, from the traditional to the contemporary, from the familiar to the eccentric. Every day, fresh new businesses emerge in the market, offering either groundbreaking products or services or a slightly new version of the usual goods and services that the vast majority of consumers have grown accustomed to. The vast majority of business owners, regardless of the nature, size and type of consumer, all have one goal in common: to generate a satisfying return of their investment. This can be achieved through increasing the total amount of sales of the products or services. An increase in the consumption of a particular commodity entails competent advertising techniques and easy access media. In order to make these products and services known to the target consumers, business owners must create ads that are visible and easily accessible to the prospective audience. Effective ads are the ones that have the ability to catch the attention, captivate the minds and the power to dwell in the memory of the potential consumers permanently or for a reasonably long period. In order to reach as many prospective consumers as possible, a great technique that is usually done by business owners is to set up as many ads as they can, in every relevant venue or in as many places as possible, to promote their goods and services to the general public or to selected members of the population.

The Birth of Free Media: a Solution to the Rising Cost of Advertising

Worldwide business owners have spent tons of monetary investments for the sake of competent advertising methods. The world of business can only be described as dynamic, brought about by the ever-changing needs, wants and interests of the consumers. Due to the tight competition in the market and the unpredictable trend in the industry, business owners are forced to slice off a huge chunk in their budget for the funding of good advertising methods that can help them maintain their current status in the industry, be at par with their competitors or improve in terms of popularity. This poses a huge burden particularly to the newbie in the industry and the minor business owners who possess a meager budget. These business owners are usually caught up in a dilemma between letting go of a great amount of cash and risking losing their clients to their more able rivals. The birth of free media has provided a solution to this problem.

Innovations on internet technology has provided business owners with a more cost-effective method of advertising by allowing them to post various ads in the form of videos, images and written content in reputable advertising sites free of charge. An example of this is the Google media. More than being just a search engine, Google also aids in presenting the company names, brands, products and service of business owners to the diverse pool of potential worldwide consumers on a twenty-four hour, seven days a week basis. Free media is done through furnishing relevant pages with the links of these business owners. Through this type of advertising media, business owners are able to allocate their budget to other more important endeavors aimed at the improvement and expansion of their businesses. The trial and error method utilized in searching for the most effective advertising tool can cause business owners to lose a significant amount of hard-earned money. Business owners are also spared from the unwanted and unexpected costs of sorting through an endless list of advertising methods that may or may not work. Google media ensures the ads of business owners to have maximum visibility by making use of the best search engine optimization strategies. This affords business owners the opportunity to be seen first, to grab consumers first and to gain profit before any of their competitors can.


Free Media: the Planning Phase

Business owners who have high dreams for their businesses can benefit greatly from knowing the essentials of free media planning.

To gain maximum amount of publicity and exposure to their products and services, business owners must produce ads that are noteworthy and relevant. Consumers are more likely to look at ads that they can relate with. Likewise, consumers are bound to purchase products and obtain services that they deem as useful and advantageous on their part. The content of written ads provided by business owners must be rich, informative and stated in clear, understandable language that can communicate the message directly to the readers at their own level. Business owners must produce content that is meant to be appealing to the target audiences. However, it must be free from fluff. Business owners must ensure that all parts of the content must be related with each other.

Ads that bear the power to capture the interests of the target consumers are those that possess a certain degree of uniqueness. Pages, images, and videos that is fresh and off-the-wall yields more memory retention power in the minds of business owners.

Part of effective media planning is making known to the target consumers where their products and services can be reached. This entails furnishing the ads with pertinent information such as the contact numbers and addresses of the business owners. In addition, it is also needed to supply brands and logos of the provider.

Business owners can also benefit greatly from easy access media. Good search engine optimization yields to business owners the tangible and intangible rewards of popularity, competence, consumer trust, permanence in the industry, the greatest number of patrons and satisfactory return of investment.


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