Free Ad Submission Sites for URL Submit to Search Engines such as MSN for the Ultimate Success

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

Just like in the real world, there are numerous free ad submission sites that work similar to the newspaper classifieds. Placing free ads in these sites allows you and your site or product to be made known to prospective customers. Marketing without advertisements is like shooting in a darkroom without even knowing if your target is available or not. It is only through advertising that you can make people aware of your products or services. Fortunately there are over 600 free ad submission sites that allow you to cover a vast area of the Internet. This single most effective tool will help you reach out to thousands of customers through free classified ads. These sites essentially use free classified advertising software that makes it easy to post free ads on thousands of sites at just the click of a single button and moreover the service is absolutely free. It is almost similar to striking gold in a goldmine; you only need to know how to extract it. There are free ad submission sites that allow manually posting of your ads. However, these can be time consuming and when time is money, it is wiser to use the help of software that can help finish the job in a jiffy. With the entire process of add submission being automated, you can successfully eliminate hours of manual work and allow access to millions of browsers to your product or service. The only requirement would be a personal computer and any version of Microsoft Windows. Some of the most popular free ad submission sites are,,,,,,, etc.

The first question that arises in a webmaster mind after planning on internet marketing is “how to submit my URL to search engines”. The best way to do it would be to use the services of a professional who will help you with the submission. If I was a webmaster, it would be possible for me to submit my URL to search engines manually, but with the time consuming process and the innumerous number of search engines present on the net, it would be almost impossible to cover all of them. It is also essential to submit URL to location specific search engines that help promote your site to more localized niche markets where there is bound to be less competition when compared to general search engines. Regional search engine can be quite lucrative for small business internet marketing wherein you can also target non-English websites.

MSN search engine was launched with much fanfare and had two new interesting things to it that would interest a webmaster who wants to submit web site to MSN. Like all search engines, when you submit web site to MSN it searches for the keywords but essentially in the first two paragraphs. Hence keeping a keyword rich paragraph in the beginning of your web page will increase the chances of your site getting searched by MSN. A well optimized web page with keyword rich beginning paragraph shows well on MSN searches. Also keep the content informative, conceptual, and interesting to hook in your visitors. Presenting a well described page on the exact nature of your business is a good practice, not just for getting searched by search engines but also because most browsers spend just a few seconds on the web site. Only if the information is really relevant to them will they go any further. The other preference given by MSN search engines is the clickable link texts at the bottom of the page. Once you submit your URL to MSN, try doing a generic search yourself. You will find that there are a couple of sites that are placed highly in the page rankings; however the main contents have little to do with your keywords or phrases. If you scroll down to the end of the page you will find that there are links to other sites that have the relevant keywords at clickable link test.

There are two things you could learn from this

  1. Keyword rich link text placed on the web page is considered to be of great importance by MSN as this indicates that your website is genuinely dealing with the relevant subject and hence you stress on it and refer more to it on your web page.
  2. Placing keywords at the end of the web page tells MSN that the page which starts describing “foreclosure” and discusses it right till the end of the page is very important.


Like when you use other search engine optimization tools, ascertain that when you submit your URL to MSN it has a strong keyword rich beginning paragraph, along with link text and the same keywords repeated at the end of the page. This is not only a good optimization practice but also because it provides worthwhile information about your product or service. It is the emphasis placed by MSN that makes it more interesting and important to be followed.

MSN had been one of the most preferred email and messenger source till a few years back. Now it’s foraying into the search engine field will only reiterates its stand and so if you submit web site to MSN you can cash in early on the boom. You can submit your URL to MSN on this id Finding keywords relevant to your business can be quite tricky as you can never really predict what the browser would use to search. You can learn from others in your trade. Try doing a generic search yourself with any word on your website’s topic. In the result that is displayed see for the highest page ranking sites and make note of the tags used by them to get searched. This should help you a great deal in short listing your keywords. There are professional custom keyword discovery services that can help you improve your sites presence on the web. They provide keyword discover API, domain drop reports, keyword reports and industry keywords, all at a nominal cost.

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