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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009

As American as apple pie and baseball the World Wide Web hit the homes of everyone across the World and became a household name.  In the United States it is the main way businesses run.  It is used for shopping and for the opportunity to earn additional income and work from home.  It has become a hit and everyone is involved trying to make their home run.  And, many marketers have.  Although many of today’s marketers are fresh and not the founding fathers there are many marketers or guru’s on the World wide Web that were here from the beginning and continue to make huge incomes.  The Internet built on a technology that was freshly introduced in the 1990’s has become the leading ways in which businesses operate, people shop from home, school children seek information for studies, and individuals seek opportunities to earn additional income and work from home.

There are many individuals on the World Wide Web that claim to be gurus and many people following their lead.  Everyone is looking for an opportunity in today’s world and everyone is enticed by the thought of instant success.  However, many gurus are sales pitches and instant success rarely happens without many dedicated hours of work.  The work load of being an online business marketer / owner is never ending.  Competition is constantly arising and staying ahead of the competition is rough. It is a constant battle to acquire enough web page views to stay to reach the top positions and stay in them. For this reason alone, many online business owners / marketers that can afford a professional seek one.  You will find fortune 500 companies and highly acclaimed companies and companies that are just beginning on the World Wide Web.

Search engine positioning is the prime objective when advertising on the World Wide Web.  It is the listings in the search engines which produce the most results.  It is not having to reach out to thousands of World Wide Web users but having them come to you through the simple selection of your keyword phrases.  So how do you get listed in the search engines?  Simple, you must submit your website.  However, this does not guarantee anything.  It does not guarantee that the site will be listed, but, with relevant content that is more informative than the competition chances are it will.

There are two ways to become listed in the search engines.  Through website submission search engines such as alexia URL submit which is a free search engine submission and through the use of directory sites.  Directory sites will be many and most are free; however, there is the paid directory site service which includes the monthly submissions to many sites.  One simple search engine search with the words submit my site free will yield thousands of results.

Natural ranking occur in the search engines through natural forms of advertising which increase ratings.  This would be such forms as email campaigning and traffic exchanges.  In other words, anything that is a natural form of acquiring views to the online business marketer’s / owner’s website.  You must submit your website submission search engines for acknowledgement.  Always remember the major sites such as Google and alexa URL submit.

 Natural forms of advertising include:

  1. Traffic Exchanges
  2. Safelists
  3. Email Advertising
  4. Forums
  5. Article Submission
  6. Reviews
  7. Social Networking Sites
  8. Banner Advertising

UnNatural forms of advertising include:

  1. Pay per click

Pay per click is a form of being ranked in the search engines result listing, however, the listing is under a sponsored or featured listing.  It is a paid form of search engine advertising that ranks the online business marketer / owner in top positions.  Pay per click is performed by selecting keyword phrases and bidding on them among other marketers.  The search engines hold an open auction and the online business owner / marketer bids on a cost per click amount.  The winning bids receive the top positions in the search engine listings.  The search engines are constantly changing places and a marketer may hold the top position one day and be out of the running the next.  Therefore, it is essential to constantly check the status of your campaign.  With pay per click you do not need to submit your website submission search engines such as alexa URL submit and Google as the listing will show in the paid results.

There are many strategies in Internet promotional marketing and traffic exchanges are a valuable strategy for the low cost and small business owners.  These are sites in which marketers unite and are able to receive thousands of views to their sites.  The more they view other webmaster and affiliate sites or the online business owner / marketer the more views they will receive to their site.  It is an excellent way to generate views slickly however, it does require a fair amount of time and the viewing becomes somewhat tedious.  Again, many marketers choose the professional services as a means around the chore of marketing.  It requires much more than a few hours a week.  It requires lengthy days and nights and is a constant battle.

Search engine optimization is another form of advertising that is geared towards the search engines.  It is to rapidly gain exposure in the search engines and is often times done through a professional, however, the individual online business marketer / owner can search engine optimization advertise as well.  This is done by creating many inbound and outbound links through the use of article and review submissions and such advertising methods as forum posting.  The article and review submissions are extremely effective at creating inbound links directing to your site.  The higher the article submission site in the search engines the higher the ranking of your article will rank when the keywords used in the search engines are searched.  This can be extremely effective to gain exposure.  When article writing you will include your link in the reference box with the hopes that the article has kept the reader interested and entices them to click on the link.  Here again, without having your link through free search engine submission efforts will not rank in the search engines.

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