Free Submit to Search Engines Offers for Maximized Internet Web Site and Blog URL Marketing: Effective Submission

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer,  9-14-2009

There is nothing more rewarding than enjoying things that are free and beneficial. What more could you ask for if you are given the chance to advertise and promote your trade through the medium with the widest reach, with the most accessible features and with the most beneficial offers?  When you avail of free submission to search engines, you are definitely making the most out of your chance to be popular. When you are already popular, you get the target traffic you have always wished for your site and logically earn your target revenues for your online trade.

There are a lot of schemes on the internet which one can take advantage of in order to promote his or her website. Search engine optimization is flourishing because the need for websites to dominate is becoming more and more intense every day. Competition in the online market is as stiff as any struggle for survival. The free atmosphere is giving everybody the chance to mold their future and this chance is narrowing the competitive market for those who know what to do and how to do it in order to survive. Whenever you get a free submit offer from any website, search engines or directory, you are, however, broadening your opportunities to be seen online.

Blogs are proliferating medium of expression and marketing strategy online. Blogs do not only allow the writer to express his thoughts, opinions, and feelings. The act of expression is also one great way of marketing because of the links that direct the reader towards the site contained in URL of backlinks. Whenever you write, you submit blog URL to directories which would send backlinks to you once people find your writing relevant to theirs.  Submission of these blogs is free and this means free advertising on your part. No one could ever let go of a chance to promote without any charges.

Blogs and other articles are submitted to article directories for proliferation and publication. Any writing output is supposed to be original and unique in terms o ideas and writing style. If the articles are found to have been copied from published websites, you are only to enjoy the lower page ranks instead of you enjoying the peak of the search engines. Paid blogs are prominent to freelance writers. Some online website owners hire the services of professional writing freelancer in order to do the articles for them. Once the articles are ready, they are now submitted to the search engines. The search engines will only award a high acceptance rate to these articles if they proven original and interesting. Free submission to search engines is something to be grateful about although the writing of the articles require some fees. Moreover, the fee for freelance writers are minimal compared to the perks brought about by the excellent output in your page rank.

Articles are not the only thing online which could be promoted for free. Basically, the website for your online trade should be submitted for enhanced promotional strategy. No website has ever earned its target revenue without being recognized by the search engines. The site you have just created for your products and services should be registered to prominent search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. These search engines are responsible for digging up new information from your website. They crawl up all your web pages as you submit website search engines regularly. The websites have employed automated crawler or robots who visit your site to download pages that have relevant content. But they tend not to download the entire page. What happens is that they just get a portion of the web pages and use them in ranking the sites.

If the automated crawler has downloaded a portion of your website which is not highly optimized with keywords and layout, you might end up rejected for indexing. This is why as a website owner, you must see to it that all parts of your website is properly completed so that when the crawler comes to download, you are confident that it can take any portion of your site and fall on the highest rankings. This way, you are going to benefit from free submit offers online.  To do so, choose keywords that closely relate or represent your product or service and construct your website using them in the header and throughout the content.

The two leading search engine pay per click programs each have free keyword tools that they offer the webmaster and affiliate use of and which can be found at:



Each is extremely useful as they not only calculate the importance and popularity of the keyword but also suggest alternatives.

The excellent website is supposed to contain excellent content, too. If a reader has taken the chance to click on your link, he can write another relevant writing and on that write up he can place a link to your site. This is what you call backlink – your target traffic’s gateway to the inner pages of your site. Search engines usually put a huge weight on the backlinks you have earned which only indicates that the relevance of your site is high and you can definitely be useful to the readers.

Free submission to search engines is something you should not take for granted. It only takes some few clicks on the search engine to take advantage of the internet’s perks. Let your website gain the traffic it deserves. Let go of conventional advertising schemes that are costly and that bring only false hopes for your online trade. Be competitive as you create a website with high quality content and lay out and you avail of free submission services by the internet’s ultimate success factor – the search engines. Get known and flourish the haywire with every free submit offer on the internet. is the best place for a marketer to educate themselves in the art of marketing.  It is an index of methods which the marketer can engage in and the knowledge of each.  It is an excellent resource for educating oneself and to receive assistance in online marketing.

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