Free Traffic Exchanges: Increasing Your Site Hits and More.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Visibility is the core goal of every search engine optimization technique. Be it article submission, press release proliferation, website submissions, multiple traffic exchanges, video bookmarking or email marketing, search engine optimization is designed to enhance site popularity to potential clients.


Press release and articles submission is one of the most common forms of website promotion. Here, hundreds of articles are submitted to articles directories which contain keywords and links that direct the reader to the intended website. Press release distribution is another form of brand and product promotions that boost the online business.


Most of these marketing strategies are headed toward link building results. The more linkages you have in your network, the moiré chances for your website to be clicked on. Site clicks are the most important entry point to a website thus an online business which is visible in almost all corners of the global haywire has a bigger chance for traffic generation.


The eager online business owner might ask the question: what are traffic exchanges? Why does an online business need to avail of traffic exchanges? Traffic exchange is basically a marketing tool utilizing a website as traffic exchange owner wherein services for webmasters are exchanged for traffic.  The services may be of different kinds including generating targeted traffic.


Webmasters failure and success highly depends on the amount of traffic that an internet business is generating. Without the significant clicks, the website falls into the doomed latter portions of search engines and to further unpopularity. All online business has a set targeted traffic that is basically potential customers that will avail of your products and services.


Traffic exchange rating is the tracked number of views you have generated for your website. In simple terms, traffic exchange is just a chance to view other websites while these counterpart websites view yours. Every time a website owner or someone who manages to view other website clicks on a particular site, the balance of credits increases. On the other hand, if a network member views your own pages, your balance of credits decreases.


As the website owner, you need not worry about paying too much for any search engine optimization tactic because anyone can avail of free traffic exchanges in manual or automated manners. The manual traffic exchange is done personally. A webmaster views the web page and clicks on links towards other pages. On the other hand, an auto exchange is a service that can run along your browser and automatically views the other websites. The two ways of traffic exchange have been proven to be beneficial but the manual exchange is highly recommended since browsers do not read web content. A machine will not likely be interested with your trade.


Traffic exchange is beneficial to online business owners primarily because they free. A webmaster can embed in a site a traffic exchange widget that will redirect visitors to the intended pages. Compared to other forms of advertising, traffic exchange gives you the result quickly. The crowding of clicks in your website will be very dominant without even waiting for weeks.


Earning credits in the network is easy as almost all free traffic exchanges allow you to create down lines through referral. Each referral is commensurate to credits. The more people signing up below you mean the more chances for huge traffic generation.


Through multiple traffic exchanges a webmaster can have the chance to view his competitors’ website. This will be an excellent opportunity to learn from others as you can compare your strength and flaws against your competitors’ site. You can have a chance to further innovate you pages for the better.


Aside from being free of any charges, traffic exchange will also help you earn money from it. As a networking-oriented scheme, credits increase as your down lines go deeper. Moreover, some traffic exchange programs provide commissions whenever a down line opts to upgrade his status.


No matter how rewarding these free traffic exchanges may sound, it pays to know some hints when choosing which program to join. Credit Ration is the main consideration in joining a traffic exchange program. Most of the latter offer credits but there will always be one which will give you a good return in the number of credits. Referrals are maybe the fastest way to increase your credits. Choose the exchange program that will provide you with enough referral pages and banners for your down line expansions. Through these services, recruitment will be enhanced and down lines will be potentially increased.


Most traffic exchange programs also offer anti-cheat mechanisms that will ensure a real person is visiting your site. Most automated exchanges look for the next buttons. Anti-cheat mechanism has transformed the buttons to either images, letters, numbers or other colored icons to signify the clicking of another site.


As what has been mentioned earlier, gaining multiple traffic exchanges also depends on the down line you generated. Surfing on a regular basis a few hours each day may boost the traffic to your site. The more number of people who are signed up below you, the more time you save to personally do the visiting of web pages.


Free traffic exchanges are indeed very rewarding advertising strategy which will bring you too the number of target audience you desire for your website. It is important that you keep track of all the traffic generated by the program. You may also wish to improve your site as you expect more visitors to come in and out any time. Make sure you welcome them with easily downloadable pages and user-friendly website design. A good website will always be enticing and encouraging even to those who do not really plan to avail of your trade.


Every advertisement requires a strong call to action. Persuade others to be your down line. You may either ask them to view on inner pages, have a copy of your ebook or to click on related sites. Whatever that requires of you, you traffic will definitely rise giving your website the visibility it deserves.


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