Free Website and Web Page Search Engines Traffic Hits from Google URL Submit Tactics for your Site.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer,  

Search engine optimization is now considered the best form of internet marketing strategy online. SEO is now a very important part of every online business. Without SEO, the online trade will go back to the hassles of traditional advertising where you spend time with your advertising and waste much more time waiting for your desired results. The Google URL submit process is one of the greatest breakthroughs online. Having your website included on the internet’s most prominent and most widely used search engine is having the best opportunity of internet marketing.

The search engines are considered prime arms of online trades in promoting their own products and services. Before you submit your website URL to these engines, it pays to understand how they work so you will have an idea on how to do things properly. Search engines are computer software programs that give every internet surfer the chance to avail of information when they search on the internet. These search engines are constantly modified in order to make room for any latest innovations in the websites.  Google, for instance, is responsible for organizing, colleting, indexing and serving results to the browsers. Google is further expected to utilize different techniques and algorithms in their own unique ways.

Google takes the responsibility of crawling the internet for web content. Web crawling is a process of navigating the internet for new ideas and indexing the websites in which these ideas can be found. A web crawler is a software agent that that starts with a list of different URL’s intended to be visited and recognizes all the hyperlinks in the web page. The hyperlinks, which are called crawl frontier, are now added to the list of URLs.  If your website is included in the Google URL submit list, you have a chance of getting crawled and indexed by this search engine. However, a web crawler is made to adhere to a set of policies including a selection policy of the pages to be downloaded, a re-visit policy for checking of any changes on the submitted web pages, a politeness policy which shows how to avoid overloaded websites and a parallelization policy which shows how to coordinate with website crawlers.

When you try to submit web pages search engines, you may not want to expect too high. It has been said that the internet is a wide array of content, Imagine how a single search engine could crawl into millions of URLs submitted to them every single day. This means that the chance for your website is so small that you need to make every part of it deserving to be crawled. According to researchers, the website crawler downloads only a little portion of the web page. If your web page is good in every part of it, you have this great chance to be ranked higher. On the other hand, if the crawler took the portion which is not so good, then your submission journey is only put into waste. The main idea here is that you have to make sure that every bit and pieces of your website is excellent before you can wait for Google to crawl it for ranking.

Giving the best in every part of your website could be difficult at first because you need to see to it that everything works in harmony before you take that chance of Google free URL submit. The content must be excellent from start to finish. Good and quality content should be provided on your website from the very beginning and for its entire existence as you’ll need to update your website from time to time. Moreover, your content should be reflective of the real nature of your website and of your business. This is important in letting your visitors navigate without getting confused.

On the other hand, your lay out makes up the overall impact of your website. Your lay out should not include images or widgets or even animations that will only redirect your visitors towards confusion. The layout of your website is a reflection of your entire business. It should appear professional to avoid creating an impression to your visitors or to the search engines that your trade is not reliable and authentic. In addition you must make sure that your website lay out is fit for your content before you submit web page search engines.

Getting crawled and getting indexed by Google is a prestige. Once you are indexed, you automatically get the chance to belong to the top rankings. The benefits you can get from these search engines are insurmountable and unfathomable once you reap the fruits of website submission to Google. Registering to Google is not enough for you to acquire your target traffic and earn website traffic hits. It pays to make sure everything is in place because crawling and indexing does not just happen once. When you submit your website URL, you should see to it that is not very long and that it contains terms relevant to possible keyword searches.

Google is known for deep crawling. This means that this search engine can index pages that are several levels deep. Google web robots follow guidelines when they do the crawling which is specified for them when they complete the crawling process. Some robots specify the folders and files which the website does not want to be crawled.

Moreover, crawlers primarily hate unfriendly URL’s. If you decide to do Google URL submit, make sure you have no characters or items in the URL which Google would consider to be parameters of rejection. These include question marks or exclamation points which the crawlers take as basis for rejection.

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