Frequently Asked SEO Questions Answered by an Expert Search Engine Optimization Firm

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.11.2012


There are thousands of SEO questions directed at Google.  With the new Penguin and Panda updates that Google has done, it’s no surprise that so many are wondering what they can do differently to work with these updates, instead of being caught in their black and white web.

Quite a few of the SEO questions’ main subject was meta keywords, which has nothing to do with SEO writing.  This just shows that website owners are still a bit clueless about what SEO writing entails.

Of course a search engine optimization expert will know how to navigate Google’s new pets, Penguin and Panda, but for those that don’t have no fear.  You can recover if you fall prey to Google’s latest algorithm, it will just take time and a bit of effort.  First, it’s finding and understanding how you got caught up in the net to begin with.  One thing pages are flagged for are unnatural links.  What is an unnatural link?  It’s a link that is paid for and manipulates the page rank.  This is a “no-no.”  If you aren’t sure your site is using unnatural links there is a backlink checker tool that can find some of them.  A true expert search engine optimization won’t use these, so if your SEO firm did, it’s time to find a new one.

Another topic that was brought up was Google’s indexing.  When Google was younger it took about a month for pages to be added into the index.  The search results would do a “Google Dance” or shift around once a month.  Now it’s updated constantly.  Brand-new sites can be indexed within a few days if twitter and Google’s Ping are used to announce their launch.  To find out how many pages Google has indexed for your site, you can do it with a “site:command”. The site command results can and will change from day to day, so it’s not very accurate.  You can have as many domains for your site as you wish, just remember to use 301-redirects to combine all the domains into one rank instead of splitting them.

Canonical links don’t need to be on any of your pages, but if you have a chance of pages getting altered but doesn’t change the content, it won’t hurt to use rel=canonical to be sure that Google’s index only has the main page listed.  It’ll be sure that all the popularity gets added to the main URL.


Key phrases are simply the words used in a search engine to find the websites.  Keywords are written into an article is to help your page get seen by Google.  Without them it’s harder for the search engines to determine in what results your page should show up in. It’s also wise to have a keyword in your title tag.  Though beware, as Google sometimes changes them.  There are a ton of things to look at to ensure your website’s success.  A SEO company is vital in this and can relieve some headache.

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