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lolajane, Staff Writer October 7, 2009

B2B marketing stands for business-to-business marketing. A b2b Internet marketing agency targets other businesses as their customers. This is a common practice for companies that provide a necessary service or product that can be utilized by other companies. Payroll companies and office supply companies are prime examples of this. A full service Internet marketing agency can provide many benefits to a company focusing on providing goods and services to other businesses.


An Internet marketing agency will focus on a few key issues. The first is the product provided. Businesses need to provide something of value, something that fulfills a need in a manner that no other business can replicate. This can be done through the quality of the services or the price of the product. If you can provide a good that is half the price of your competitors, yet works just as well, you will see more business.


Your target market demographics are another issue that the agency will address. By specializing your product, you will appeal to a certain type of audience, and your marketing agency should be putting you in a higher degree of contact with them. More importantly, your agency should be putting you in touch with the individuals who make purchasing decisions in the target businesses. This includes the groups or individuals who influence the decision making process. These people may not be target consumers, yet they may play an important part in the decision making process. Lobbyist groups are an example of this in regards to governmental decisions. While they do not make the decisions, they oftentimes exert a great deal of influence and ultimately help mold decisions.


Branding is the next key issue. This refers to opinions and attitudes about your company and your product. The Kleenex Company is probably the most prevalent example of this. When people need to use facial tissues, they will usually use the word “Kleenex” universally. The more people associate your company with your product the better. Branding, then, is a psychological phenomenon. Since you want businesses to choose your product, you need to play upon their psychological nuances. Targeting your product for corporate use rather than the more informal personal use is one way to do this. Businesses want the best for their company, and by somehow standing above the crowd, you may persuade businesses to think of your company’s brand first.


Promotion and pricing are two issues that go hand in hand. If you promote your product as being the best successfully, companies will not be as reluctant to pay more for your product. Again, this is difficult since companies will want to save money where and when they can. Again, your product needs to do something that other products cannot. The concept of branding plays a large role here as well. If you want to make copies, you are Xeroxing. If you blow your nose, you are using a Kleenex. These companies are well branded, and a successful Internet marketing campaign will hopefully, over time, do the same things for your products. A branded product can cost more and businesses will shrug off the extra cost due to your products’ superiority.


B2B marketing companies have several methods of addressing these necessities. Your company should have a clear definition of what services are provided and for what purpose. This message should be well developed, both internally and externally. In a nutshell, this means that not only do your employees need to buy in to your company’s ideals, your customers do too. Both employee and customer should benefit from their experience with your company.


A solid plan of attack is also a key methodology. A well thought out campaign plan will provide the infrastructure that your company needs for success. Whichever marketing agency you decide to go with should be able to provide the insight necessary to make your plan unbeatable. A good campaign plan will address what resources you will need. It should also outline the return of investment, both for you and your customers. Not only does your company need to profit, your customers need to as well. This is a monetary gain for your company, but not necessarily one for your clients. Your customers’ return of investment can be in the ease of operating their business, increased sales contacts, or some other benefit.


Finally, a successful b2b Internet marketing agency will have measurable results. This may be determined by an increase in web traffic, but ultimately the most important result is an increase in profits. A good marketing agency will increase the business-to-business sales. This may sound simple, but there are many different ways of measuring sales. Average account size, more leads, a change in your customers’ attitude toward your company, or just a plain old increase in the bottom line all are indications that your company is prospering.


If specializing in a specific niche, you may see a drop in the amount of sales made. While this may seem a bad thing, it ultimately can still be beneficial. Would you rather have one hundred small sales, or fifty large ones? If the fifty large sales are big enough, they will outweigh the one hundred small ones. Specializing your products also increases your popularity within your niche. These companies are more likely to see value in a company that focuses on their needs specifically rather than a company that services a wide variety of other businesses.


Remember that the b2b market has much potential. Business to business transactions are mostly much larger than individual purchases. Since businesses comprise of large groups of people, they need to provide for those peoples’ needs. The Internet has made b2b marketing much more accessible. The individuals in charge of purchasing have a much easier time in finding your company. The more accessible your company is, the more customers you will have, and the more likely you are to profit. Specializing in a specific niche may narrow down your list of customers, yet the customers you do retain will be willing to pay more for your specialized services. B2B Internet Marketing Agencies are the best way to do this. Therefore, you can begin by searching your local phone book or the Internet for an agency that is good for you.

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