Functions of Smart Nike Web Marketing & positioning in a Corporation

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/23/2009

Marketing is the overall activity in which a company does in order to gain more profit. The marketing department of a company is responsible for the income generating activities of a company in order to earn profit. This can be determined by proper marketing positioning, which depends on how a company positions its product in the market. During the previous years, marketing was not an easy task due to the lack of a modern marketing tool. As a result, companies disregard marketing because the expenses are too heavy on the corporate pocket. Web marketing became popular since the birth of the Internet. Smart marketing took place and at the same time gave a lot of convenience to companies around the United States. A shoe company in the country was one of the first industries that engaged in this type of marketing and the shoe company’s name is Nike. Marketing became more effective with the help of the Internet. Online marketing can also be done thru the use of social websites since there are a lot social websites available in the internet. A person can do simple online marketing activities through posting pictures of products or services in social websites since there are certain features in these types of websites that an individual can post different kinds of pictures. Posting online pop ups to attract an internet surfer’s attention is very common in the web making selling much more easy.

Technology has made the way of life much easier. One of the benefits of technology is the Internet, which made marketing tasks for companies very much easier. The Internet is one way of how a company can reduce the marketing expenses especially in terms of advertising and communicating. Building customer relations worldwide became much more effective through the help of a corporate website. There are also a lot more benefits a company can get from the Internet since technology improves from time to time making life much easier.

Advertising Using a Medium

Promotions and advertising are also the responsibility of the marketing department of a company. In order to make a company’s product or service sell, the use of an advertising instrument is needed. Most companies around the United States are relying heavily on media to supply their advertising needs. One concrete example of these media is television companies. Television advertising is the most popular advertising instrument not only in the United States but also to the whole world as well. Basic advertising can be done even by a non professional web advertiser. Having a personal website can already attract a wide range of online viewer. Simple websites can be much more effective than well established websites in which the only secret is by having a search engine optimization. With the use of SEO, even an amateur website can appear on the top position of the search list in search pools available all over the internet. Dominating the online competition is made possible with the help of search engine optimization.

The role of advertising in a company is very essential because it can influence a buyer or a customer to buy a company’s products or services. One good example for this is an international shoe company that goes by the name of Nike. Marketing of this company relies heavily in television advertising since this shoe company caters not only customers from the United States but from the whole world as well. Selling these shoe products was made very easy because of the help of television advertising in which is aired through television companies throughout the whole world. Having a television advertisement is one way of reaching the customers in different parts of the world because majority of the worldwide population have televisions in their houses.

However, television advertising is very expensive which may cost companies a lot in terms of advertising expenses. Also, put into consideration the global financial crisis in which almost all companies around the country are reducing cost and expenses in order to survive the economic crisis. Companies are looking for alternative solutions in order to reduce these cost and expenses making them survive the economic crisis. One good alternative to the television advertising is through online since the Internet is available almost everywhere around the globe.

The Role of the Internet in Web Marketing

The Internet is one good way to reduce advertising expenses for a company in order to survive the global financial crisis. Since most people around the world have Internet connections in their homes, companies around the country are engaging in online marketing in order to reduce the cost for advertising and at the same time to advertise their products and services worldwide. The span of the Internet is large that is why companies find it more practical to advertise with the use of the online marketing solutions. The basic requirement for companies to engage in web marketing is a website, which serves as a communication tool to their clients worldwide. Communicating to the whole world as well as building customer relations was made possible because of the help of the Internet and the availability of the websites. The internet is a very vulnerable place for scams that is why it is important first to convince web searchers that the business is not a fraud. One way to convince an online viewer is to communicate directly with them through creating conference chat boxes in which an online viewer can interact with other people online since people are walking advertisers in which they can convince other people that the company is not in to fraudulent activities. Building trust with clients is very important in online marketing. it is also important to maintain the credibility of the company and the online world is one good tool to accomplish this kind of goal.

Online advertising is also one of the best ways to market a company’s products or services because it does not matter how small or well established a company is. As long as the company has a good online strategy, it will be able to win the online competition in gaining customer attention. Also, keep in mind that the more online viewers a corporate website gets, the more chances it gets in earning profit. There are many benefits brought by a website to a company. First is that a website is one inexpensive advertising tool in which companies can post visual information about their products or services without spending too much on television advertising. Next is that a website serves as an effective media in promoting a product or service around the web. It is for the reason that many people around the world are relying on the Internet as a tool in gaining information on almost anything.

Market positioning can be done to improve the efficiency of a website because this can determine what kind of market a company should aim at in terms of selling. Building customer relationship and goodwill is also one of the benefits of a website since its customer and clients can interact with the company by having a customer service desk in a webpage of the corporate website. Communicating around the world was made possible because of the use of a website that is why most companies around the United States are hiring web designers in order to provide them with this online advertising tool. Online marketing is one good example of smart marketing because this kind of activity helps generate more profit for a company especially in this time of economic crisis.

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