Generate free, new and raw clicks to your website.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 7/31/2009


Driving traffic to your website is on the minds of most business owners.  But, how do you effectively generate the traffic you need to increase your business and search engine rankings on a low budget.  There are many forms of free advertising or free clicking  that one can advertise to gain the exposure you need to grow your business.  Have a strategic plan before you begin your advertising campaigns.  This is important in the success of any business.  Whether you plan on taking this challenge on yourself or hiring a professional, it is the first place to begin.  Generating traffic to your site through clicks or visitors to your site will increase your business and your search engine rankings, giving you even more exposure.


Free clicking to your website means visitors to your site through means of free advertising.  There are a number of sources on the net in which you can advertise for free.  A search engine search is a great place to begin.  Many successful businesses have started off through free advertising and many of those successful businesses have started off through free clicks to their website and grown to be an Internet name.


Before beginning with your content, you will want to decide upon your audience.  Ask yourself, “Who are you speaking to?  Who do you want to reach?”  This will help you to develop the content for your ads, articles, and postings and produce an audience that is interested in what you are marketing.


To begin, you will want to develop a strategic plan of action.  This will normally start with your advertising campaign.  (This is your advertising campaign)  This will include ads, articles, bits of information, etc.  The first step will be to create your ad or content for your intended audience.  Remember always that you want to spark their interest and generate new clicks to your site, thus creating new sales and customers.  Your ad and article information is extremely important.  You want something that will grab the attention of the reader and lead them to your site.  This is your opportunity to gain a customer and a website click.  This is extremely important in gaining your site exposure and climbing up the ladder of the search engines.  If you are not a polished writer you may want to consider hiring a professional.  This will result in a strong ad campaign for your business.    Through free advertising you can yield a tremendous amount of free clicks.  This can be done through emails, safelists, text ad exchanges, surf sites, URL submissions, directory submissions, article submissions, social sites, forums, e-newsletters and message boards.  These forms of free advertising which will yield you website clicks, producing higher rankings in the search engines, which you are hoping to achieve.



Email campaigning is basically done through sending emails to leads or through safelists.  This is a very effective form of advertising.  Advertising with leads was once quite expensive, however today, leads are reasonable priced, to free.  There are some fantastic sources of free leads on the Internet that you can find through a simple Google search.  Free email advertising is an excellent means of promoting free clicks to your site.  Clicks for free are clicks through free advertising.  Although one of the oldest forms of advertising, email campaigning in still one of the most effective forms of advertising on the Internet.


Text ad exchanges and surf sites are another popular way to receive free clicks to your website.  Through these sites you will be asked to view other member’s ads in order to advertise your site.  Although time consuming, it is effective.  This also keeps you updated as to what is new on the Internet, something that is very important when marketing a business.


Forums and social networking sites are a great place to advertise and to make contacts.  Remember, contacts can mean everything in Internet marketing.  This is a great source in gathering information on what means of advertising other marketers are using and having success with.  Posting on forums are effective in the manner that people are searching these sites to gather information on what is out there and what other people have to say about your product through posts to your posting.  Always make certain that you keep updated on your postings on these sites, as you may have to respond to readers posts to your posting.


Many business owners chose to create articles submissions or press releases regarding their product or services.  This is an effective form of free clicking and can yield many perspective customers.  Article and press release submission can be done manually or with the help of software or an article or press release submission service. This is also an excellent way in achieving higher rankings in the search engines.  Focus on content.  You must have something that does not lose the interest of the reader, but something that makes them read the entire article, and clicking on your link.  You will be able to place your link in a resource box at the bottom of the article.


Placing an ad tracker on your links is important as it informs you as to where your clicks are coming from.  This is extremely important when you are advertising through different avenues.


With all the many forms of free advertising on the Internet, achieving free clicks or website clicks to your site is easily accomplished.  Remember, every website click is a free visitor to your site.  You have one chance to gain the customer through your advertising and one chance to gain them as a customer once they visit your website.  Repeat visitors to your site are counted as raw clicks.  These website clicks will also advance you in your rankings in the search engine, as well as let you know the repeat visitors to your site you have.

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