Get Found! The Advantages of a Specialized Local SEO Service

Staff Writer: Nancy Mann


Date: 7.29.2012


Back in the Stone Age, there was something called the yellow pages.  The yellow pages were a designated section of the phone book that acted as a directory of local businesses.  Businesses were separated by category, listed alphabetically, and all their contact information – name, address and phone, or, what’s now called NAP – was readily available.  The yellow pages were a valuable tool in finding a merchant or service in any given geographic radius.


Fast forward to the onset of the Internet; gone are the days flipping through page after page of “yellow” listings.  Nowadays, people head straight to their tech gadgets to find out what’s up and running in their neighborhood.  In as much time as it takes to hop onto a website, consumers can find the information they need through local search queries.  So if you’re a business owner or service provider looking for extra traffic directed to not only your website but also your local brick and mortar location, what’s the best way to get noticed online?


The answer? Engage a specialized local SEO serviceLocal SEO services know exactly what you need to get your business ranked by top search engines and noticed by anyone doing a simple Internet search.  Their aim is to bring your company the most traffic, leads and exposure possible, and to make sure that your business gets noticed by maps, organic searches and even sponsored ads.  By providing this triple threat coverage, your potential customers can’t help but find you online, and fast!


What are some of the tricks that a local SEO service might use to accomplish this?  Most services will make sure that your business information consistently achieves the highest possible position in map results, particularly on sites such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google.  Along with creating the best, most relevant title tag, local SEO experts utilize the practice of resubmitting your contact info to ensure that your company shows up as frequently as possible in local search results.  This is done by including accurate geographic details such as town names, zip codes and addresses.


Another trick is to incorporate local search phrases into web content.  This will pave the way for your company name to gain top ranking when users do a local search for a specific service.

Although search engine algorithms are based on both popularity and relevancy, a good local SEO campaign will take both online optimization and off-line linking into account.


Finally, local SEO experts appreciate the fact that tools such as Google AdWords can generate additional traffic and subsequently, more conversions.  With pay-per-click, or PPC, advertising, local businesses can benefit and grow their client base with little effort.  Key terms and phrases are used to reflect your business, quickly responding to the inquiry of a user’s search.

All SEOs try their best to promote a business’ online presence.  Still, when it comes to generating local traffic, take advantage of the expertise of specialized local SEO experts.

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