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Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009


There is more to life than watching your own website fall into doomed search engine rankings. There is more to expecting visitors to click on your site without employing any strategy to entice them to view the page. Search engine optimization schemes in the internet have widened their scope and have provided online business owners the means to improve their generated traffic. Getting more hit is now packed in the best traffic exchanges that one can avail of for free.


Yes, there is a chance for your website to thrive in the haywire without spending so much for search engine optimization techniques like RSS feeds, press release and article submission, link building and some social media promotions. A webmaster or a website owner can build his own means of generating his target traffic without employing costly SEO services from private companies that are mushrooming in the World Wide Web. Once a webmaster is able to understand how manual traffic exchange scripts work for traffic generation, there is no doubt he would reach his desired clicks in just a snap of a finger.


Traffic exchange in its simplest form, is the act of a webmaster to view other websites and for the owners of these other website to view his site in return. As the word ‘exchange’ implies, there should be a mutual understanding that a visit by a website owners should be compensated with a visit to his site. Traffic exchange usually begins by signing up to a website that will provide the links to other sites. A website owner who signed up will be given credits and a chance to earn credits which will eventually increase through the networking tactics.


As a form of networking, the website owner is encouraged to call on people to sign up under him. The deeper the network under his name, the bigger his chances to be viewed. More visitors to a site mean more chance for having potential consumers. Usually, the best traffic exchanges cannot be found easily. There are certain considerations to tackle before deciding to sign up for a traffic exchange program. A website owner is not just expected to make clicks, although everything lies in the power of clicks, there is a little more work to be done.


Joining a traffic exchange program deems it necessary for you to check on the credit ratio offered. Credits allow you to view other websites. When you view a website, your credit decreases and when you are viewed by others, your credit eventually increases so you need to seek for the program that will initially give you a considerable number of credits.


The fastest way to earn credits, if you don’t have enough time to do the clicks on your own, is to generate referrals. Again, traffic exchange programs are working on a networking scheme. The more people who signed up under you mean the more views you can exchange to other sites. The best traffic exchanges will provide you with satisfactory number of referral pages and banners which will boost your credits.


It may be difficult to find the best traffic exchange program, such that others would opt to find for ways to own a traffic exchange.  When you opt for this, you now become the host for the other websites who sign up for your traffic exchange program. This may give numerous numbers of chances to be viewed by others logically, because you are the program host.


You might then ask how I build my own traffic exchange.  This question is never difficult to answer as there are many websites who are waiting for you to create and host your own blogs for free. Owning a traffic exchange program is now considered the best way to generate traffic. Just imagine the number of clicks you gain by just joining an exchange program. It is indeed overwhelming that hosting your own traffic exchange could bring in insurmountable visits to your site.


The secret to hosting an exchange program basically lies into the host’s ability to manage manual traffic exchange scripts. You don’t have to be computer geek or you don’t have a full knowledge of internet programs. Your responsibility as a host includes managing your customers, maintaining their accounts, marketing the service, and monitoring the site’s overall quality.


Calling on people to join your traffic exchange is seeing to it that you are offering features they could not resist. You can provide generous number of referral pages and credit points. Most people also would want to secure their visits seeing to it that the views they generate is not automated. You may want to provide anti-cheat mechanisms to ensure your members that clicks are done by a human being and not by just machines that do not even read your web content. This is the main problem with automated clicks since they defeat the purpose of the entire traffic exchange program. A machine which does not read content is never a potential buyer.


People surf for credits. Be one of the best traffic exchanges program hosts by ensuring that you provide them with considerable time limits. Require a minimum amount of time to earn a credit that will ensure any visitor is able to browse into the website and understand whatever product or service it has to offer. Normally, ten to 30 seconds can be enough. The shorter the time, the more sites one can view but the lesser the opportunity to be able to understand the site content. You can also think of some other unique features like paid banner hosting or other promotional activities.


Lastly, make your traffic exchange program the best in the internet as you consider giving credit bonuses. You may give bonus points for signing up, for surfing opt for winning raffles which can be availed from your site. Find out ways to entice your members and to retain their presence in your program. Member involvement will be a great part of your foundation make sure to develop a long lasting relationship with your members.

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