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Staff Writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.13.2012



School opens up a door that can lead to so many different opportunities.  While you can still find a good and decent paying job without a fancy college degree, you can have many more options if you have a diploma saying that you earned a degree from going to school for an additional number of years.  It gives you a leg up in interviews if you have more schooling than others applying for the same job position as you.  While there are the downsides of paying a large sum of money and the fact that you will have to study and read textbooks for a few more years, the benefits will pay off.  And more likely than not, you will be learning about a subject that interests you so learning about it will not be as bad as say, learning algebra.


If you are unsure of what you would want to go to college for, marketing would be a great place to start.  It is such a broad subject that you could eventually go in many different directions for careers with a marketing and advertising degree.  Best of all, with an economy like this one; marketing would provide an ample amount of job opportunities which is more than you can say for some other job areas.


Marketing can be done with television, radio, and, most recently, internet.  Internet is becoming a bigger place to market as more sites pop up daily and the competition for attention gets fiercer.  The internet is an endless place and its vastness is what makes it so difficult to find websites.  That is why a business with a website needs a lot of marketing to be pulled away from other similar sites and to stand out in the sea of web addresses.


One way to market a business website is to create links on well-known pages.  These little portals create more entrances on to a website without someone having to know its exact web address.  The more ways you can get on to a site, the more people will be able to access its information.  And the more people that can view the site, the more chances there will be of a sale.


For jobs, there are multiple ways to get started in this kind of marketing labeled as SEO.  There are companies that produce this kind of work including SEO in Los Angeles CA and SEO Sacramento CA.  The work is guaranteed as more businesses move online to reach more customers.


Part of SEO is also web design.  To make links more appealing, they have to grab the viewer’s attention and make them want to go to that site.  Design plays a key part in any area of marketing but especially if you want to get in to the Internet aspect of it, it would be helpful to grab a web design class Los Angeles.  With a little more background knowledge, one of these classes will give you an extra boost in marketing on the Internet.


More schooling and learning may not seem appealing.  After all, you have already gone through thirteen years of it.  But the advantages can be great and you will gain a lot of experience that could give you the upper hand in your next job interview.

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