Get The Most Effective Way to Getting Website Site Hits

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-10-2009


Webmasters design and upload their websites on the World Wide Web essentially to make money. Also called internet marketing, this is one way of making money from the comfort of the home. However this definitely does not mean that the work involved is in anyway lesser or easier. Loading the website does not get you money but if you get site hits, you may start making a decent income. To get website hits there are various tactics the webmaster will have to use. The webmaster first has to submit his or her site to search engines, but there are no registration forms or specific processes for submission. As a webmaster you will first need to understand how the search engines search out a site and this will help you successfully submit your site. Search engines work through “spiders” that crawl all over the World Wide Web and find sites that are relevant to a specific search. The easiest way to submit your website to a search engine is to have keyword rich content on each page of your site, without affecting the overall quality of the site. The chance of your website getting hits depends directly on which page your site appears on a search result. Further it is not enough if you do this once as the spiders also search for content update and display the result accordingly. Since this is a continuous process you can make use of various programs that will help you with “search engine optimization” that ensure that you keep getting hits to your site. Some of the programs are free while some may have a minimal fee.

Another best way to get site hits is through Meta tags. Of course you need to use them well to get the best results. Well designed Meta tags can place your site higher up on the results of search engines. Another method of getting hits is by placing your website links in as many external sites as possible. For example if any of your web pages contains references to external sites, you can request them to place your links in their relevant pages. You cannot as such demand them to put your links for inserting their links in your site, this will not only sound rude but not many may comply as placing their links in your site may not be as useful to them as it is to you. A simple request should do the trick. Each time a browser visits their site, you too get site hits depending on the browsers interest. Using formal link exchanges can also help increase site hits. These are basically companies on the net who set up links, banners and other advertising material to promote sites. Link exchange and Banner exchange sites are the most commonly used ones. You need to advertise your site as much as you would do in the outside world to confirm your web presence. To do this insert your site’s link wherever possible, emails, blogs, forums etc.

Once you get website hits, the next step would be to keep your browsers interested in your site. Keep the content on your site easily loadable, easy to navigate to other pages and crisp content. You can also keep simple forms that can capture the browsers information like email id so that you can inform them of updates on your site and invite them to visit back. For this reason you will also need to keep updating your site. Begin with writing informative and relevant articles to attract your niche market. The articles should be rich in keywords and content so that the search engine spiders can find it easily. Secondly, try to be an expert in your niche market. As people recognize your intelligence and information on your product, they will respect you for it and would like to do business with you. Post comments on other sites blogs so that not only will people get information but will also be tempted to visit your site. Remember to leave your link in the comment which is relevant to the subject. All the above steps are sure to get you targeted traffic to your site. If you are promoting any product or service, find the niche market and the keywords they normally search out for. This will be your first step to understanding your remote audience. Getting hits from this audience will result in more business for you than by just search engines.

Pay per click is another successful method to get website hits. Although the charges are quite minimal, you will still need to allocate a budget for this. Once you start spending on search engine optimization, links and banners, pay per clicks and all other advertising materials you will need to justify it with actual number of hits. If the number of hits and rate of conversion is inappropriate, you will need to reanalyze your marketing strategy. For this purpose you can install hit counters on your site which will count every time you get site hits. Here too some may be free while some may have minimal charges. This will be quite helpful in the long run as you will know how successful your marketing strategy is. While it is essential to adopt marketing techniques for website promotion, you also need to be aware of black hat SEO techniques and spamdexing which will force your site out of the search engines and eventually out of the World Wide Web, since without being listed on the search engines your site will be almost dead. Black hat SEO techniques and spamdexing basically mean excessive use of keywords without actual content due to which the site is displayed on the highest position of the search engine but does not have any relevant content pertaining to the keyword. Since this severely affects the browser’s interests, search engines ban sites indulging in these techniques. To prevent implementation of such bans on your site and to get site hits increase day by day, adopt healthy and “organic” optimization techniques.

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