Getting Customers in the Door – Increasing Profits through Affordable Small Business SEO Advice

Date: 7.31.2012


In this age of technology, finding affordable small business SEO services is critical to the longevity of any smaller-sized organization.  If you’re a small business owner, you’re faced with a multitude of challenges that aren’t on even the radar of your larger rivals, especially a steady cash flow.  But you still need to maintain a competitive presence in order to keep the doors open.  And without big advertising budgets, small business owners must get creative in their SEO campaigns to win a portion of their market.  Seeking the assistance of an affordable small business SEO specialist is probably inevitable, but there are also ways that as a small business owner, you can get the SEO ball rolling quickly and keep those dollars in your bank account.


As they say in real estate, location is everything.  Well, location is just as important in the world of SEO, especially for small businesses.  It’s been said a hundred times, but it bears repeating: one of the most critical things a small business needs to include on its website is accurate location and contact information.  Without it, how will those customers with local intent – the ones who want to actually come to your physical place of business – find you?


Some businesses, such as restaurants, are totally dependent on bringing people through their doors to stay afloat!  So be sure that your contact information is accurate, accessible and complete (no abbreviations!), meaning that it includes your company name, address and all relevant phone numbers.  Having these details available immediately legitimizes your company in the eyes of a potential customer, making them more likely to engage your services.


When it comes to search engine optimization, there is something called the Local 7, which is comprised of the seven most popular sites that store multiple databases of business information: Google, Yahoo!, Bing, MapQuest Local Business Center, InfoUSA, Axciom, and LocalEze.  In the early days of SEO marketing, webmasters had to aggressively seek admittance to search engines in order to have a business site listed.  In today’s environment, search engines already have this information on file.  Smart business owners will visit the Local 7 to see if they have been listed, and if so, to claim their listing and verify it.  Just like accurate and complete contact information legitimizes a business, listing verification reflects positively on a company’s reputation and credibility.


Finally, an easy, affordable and effective way to reach customers is through social media.  Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and even the new kid on the block, Pinterest, can reach thousands in a nanosecond.   They allow a business owner to promote deals, events, and new products, and make an immediate connection with their target market.  Be sure to promote “likes” (Facebook) and “retweets” (Twitter) to get even more visibility and presence.


Small business owners need to use every SEO marketing tool available to them to stay viable.  These three tips are simple to implement, and will yield an enhanced online presence.

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