Getting Engaged – The Best Engagement Objects in SEO Advertising

Date: 7.31.2012


Web 2.0 has changed the advertising game forever.  As a result, SEO advertising strategists are continually exploring new ways to keep a reader interested and “on the page.”  One of the most popular methods used is adding engagement objects to a website.


In fact, this technique is so successful that just about all affordable SEO packages focused on Internet advertising include it in their recommendations list.  And that’s no surprise, since engagement objects are, well, engaging!  They’re visually appealing, and have a great way of enhancing the user experience.  And best of all, they’re unrivaled at kicking an SEO strategy up not just one notch, but many, and fast.


There are certain engagement objects that are favored among SEO advertising experts for their impact and success.


  1. Video.  With the onset of technology, anyone can be the next Martin Scorsese (or, at least they think they can).  Camera-equipped gadgets have made taking videos easier than ever, and sites like YouTube can’t keep up with their number of regular viewers.  With this kind of popularity and ease of use, it’s only natural that videos are one of the top engagement objects used by SEO experts.  They can help a site connect with a reader immediately, and make a lasting visual impression in a flash.


  1. Podcasts.  Podcasts, or audio files, allow the user to listen to what’s basically a radio show, but at the time of their choice.  What’s interesting about podcasts is that they’re informative but unobtrusive.  Plus, more often than not, they feature information that can’t be found anywhere else.  Podcasts are especially popular with people in television because they offer the chance to develop stories or conduct interviews in greater detail – something that the time constraints of a television broadcast can’t accommodate.


  1. Images.  Nothing cuts to the chase like a good visual, so images are an extremely popular tool among SEO advertising gurus.  And, depending on how cleverly they’re chosen, images can not only enhance user experience, they can act as link bait, which means greater prominence on search engines.


  1. Charts.  Charts, and their sister tools, graphs, can convey really important data in a compact, accessible manner, making them effective engagement objects.  Charts also attract – and keep – user attention.  They break up the potential monotony of content, presenting data in a more visually attractive format.


  1. Polls.  Who doesn’t want to give their opinion on something?  Polls are a wonderful way to truly engage a user.  Not only do they ask for a user’s take on things, they usually give immediate results.  And it’s one of the most useful tools for site owners to evaluate their audience, which in turn will affect their future SEO strategies.


When you’re planning your next SEO advertising campaign, don’t forget to include some of these simple but highly effective engagement objects.  If used well, they’ll keep your readers where you want them – on your website.

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