Getting more Internet web hits is a guaranteed way to Increase Revenues.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-10-2009


Finding the right combination of advertising to promote your business is a goal of every marketer on the Internet.  Proper promotion of your online business results in success.  .Finding the techniques to promote requires finding the right advertising areas that will make your business flourish your business.

Advertising methods vary.  From seo advertising to traffic exchanges it will take a combination of methods to successfully advertise your business.

SEO and pay per click are the best advertising techniques for the marketer promoting his online business. Although SEO advertising is consuming and results are not instant, pay per click is instant.  SEO advertising is more of an area of expertise as it requires a very detailed strategic plan and lengthy processes of advertising.  Most online businesses do chose to promote through SEO advertising as the results it produces cannot be overlooked.  It is the best way aside from pay per click to reach high positioning in the search engine index results.

SEO campaigning begins with the company developing a strategic plan.  This will include research on the audience, or who they are planning on targeting to promote their product or service and the best keywords which fit their product’s theme.  The marketer will have to study carefully as the keyword phrases he chooses will be what he uses to advertise his business even when promoting.

Once the keywords have been selected the marketer will make landing pages for his product if the site does not bring the visitor right to the product or service the visitor is searching for.  This will more likely result in a conversion if the visitor is directed exactly to where he is searching for.

The marketer will then begin SEO advertising.  Typically this will begin with composing professional content on the product or service.

Article submission is the marketers best alley when SEO campaigning.   Article submissions result in inbound links to the marketer site which produces visitors.  The article submissions should be done frequently and submitted to sites that are complementary to the product or service.  The article sites help the marketer to reach high positioning in the search engines as the higher the article site position in the search engines that higher your article will be indexed when pulled through the Internet searcher using your keyword phrases.  Your article will include the link to your site drawing the searcher to visit.  It is extremely important to have professional content that entices the visitor and keeps them interested thus leading them to your site.

Reviews are that of the article submission and will also be used when SEO campaigning.  Reviews should be the professional content of your product or service and will also lead the person to your site.

Both the article and review submissions can be done through the use of a directory or through submission software.

SEO marketing is where the professionals often come in.  They can complete the campaign in a professional manner and much more rapidly than the online marketer.  There are many places to being with selecting an SEO professional however; is a great asset to the marketer. is a very well rounded service with the owner fresh out of marketing school with some great ideas and making waves on the Internet for online businesses.

Other areas of advertising which the marketer can easily accomplish himself are the traffic exchanges.  Traffic exchanges are a great easy way to build hits to your website thus increasing search engine positioning.  Extremely dull and time consuming but results are quick.  The marketer can achieve thousands of clicks a week.

The traffic exchange is a review of other marketer’s websites and in return other marketers review your site which produces a click to your site.

Email campaigning is also a marketing technique the online marketer does not want to overlook.  The advantage of email campaigning is it is a very precise campaign that results in high conversions.   Targeting the audience is necessary for success in the email campaigning.  Determining your audience and composing the best content for your ad is the tool that will convert to a sale.  Targeting your audience increases the conversions as the prospect is interested in the product or service.

The combinations of advertising methods are endless.

The fastest technique for the online marketer is pay per click campaigning.  The pay per click programs position the marketer site in the search engine results.   These are sponsored listings aside the natural listings and results can begin as soon as immediately.

Online marketers can receive help in advertising in a number of ways.  Help forums are one.  Traffic Soar is another and one reason that I prefer them.  The site offers a variety of advice in campaigning and they are available for the marketer that needs help.  Whether a free consultation or for ideas or the actual hiring of a professional the site is geared towards the marketer.

Consistency needs to be continually practiced.  Whether devoting a few hours a day or a few hours a week the marketer needs to be consistent.   The idea in campaigning is to produce results positioning you into the top positions in the search engines.

Positioning in the search engines is the best advertising a marketer can achieve.  With the World Wide Web’s billions of users your product or service will not be overlooked if positioned high in the search results.

Complete a strategic plan that will produce results.  Be consistent and persistent.   Results will happen.  Conversions will begin when you achieve successful advertisement and positioning in the search engines.  Professionalism cannot be overlooked.

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