Getting Started In Ethical Search Engine Optimization

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.17.2012


New to search engine optimization?  Have nagging questions about which keywords to use and where they should go in your website’s content?  What about a tracking number?  What’re Pay-Per-Click Ads?  If you are scratching your head and wondering then you do indeed have a lot to learn.

Learning about ethical search engine optimization should be done systematically.  Keywords are where you want to start first, seeing as how they are the cornerstone to any SEO work.  Think about your business and describe it.  Then pick out keywords that relate to what your business is providing.


Use these keywords as a starting point when using Google’s keyword research tool.  This tool shows you how competitive the keywords are.  The more competitive, the less you will want to use it.  The thing to keep in mind when picking keyword phrases, is what people are most likely going to type in the search bar to pull up the business’ website.  Do NOT use general or broad keywords if you can help it.  They will most likely not probed you with any new business (conversions).

Once you’ve chosen your keyword phrases, it is time for placement.  Your website’s content should be highly relevant to the keywords you’ve picked.  What is being offered should naturally use the keyword phrases in the descriptions.  Title tags should contain more than just one phrase.  Every page should have a specific focus.  None of your webpages should have too much or too little keyword phrases.  A good rule of thumb is to read it aloud, if it’s not how a person talks, then there’s probably too many keywords being used at once.

Some SEO companies set up a web analytics account without your knowledge.  It might be listed in the search engine optimization quote they gave you at the beginning of assessing your site.  Google analytics tracking codes can be found in your page’s source code, if you have an account already.  Lacking an account is no problem; you can easily set one up.  Once you receive a tracking code it goes on every page.  The website developer you used will know how to install it.  The Google Analytics program is usually the go-to for most SEO companies, but there are others.


Check your account once a week when first starting out.  After you get the keyword phrases sorted how you want them and the amount of steady traffic you need, checking once a month is fine.  By that time any tweaks made won’t be able to be measured right away.  It’ll take a few weeks, at least, to see the results.  That doesn’t mean you should forget about your web analytics eventually.  Always keep an eye on how your keywords are doing.

Google Adwords is a smart way to boost traffic to your site.  Pay-Per-Click Ads require constant maintenance and if used, you might want to look into hiring a Certified Adwords Consultant to maintain them.  Hopefully, these get you pointed in the right direction in your SEO work.

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