Getting Started in Marketing: Social Media Marketing Los Angeles

Staff writer: Jessica Rennie

Date: 7.11.2012

As an outsider looking in at the marketing business, it can seem like an intense area to get in to for work when it contains all sorts of acronyms like SEO (search engine optimization), CRM (customer relationship management), and MAS (marketing analysis system), to name a few.  With all these letters being thrown around, getting started in marketing can be a little intimidating.


The good news is that even though the terms in the business seem to have no meaning because they are thrown around so often, they are relatively simple techniques that can be mastered easily and will work well if utilized effectively.  Once you establish a marketing plan, all you have to do is follow it persistently and you will be in business.


Marketing can be broken down in to many different areas of expertise such as social media marketing, article marketing, content marketing, Internet marketing, and many, many more.  With so many different ways to marketing, you just need to pick one that will be best for you and for the business you are building a marketing campaign for.


Social media marketing Los Angeles can be a good of a start as any others because so many consumers find out about new products and sales promotions through their social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.  However, if you decide to go this route, you must be dedicated and consistent in updating statuses, posting Tweets, and updating information in order for this marketing strategy to work.


Updating the social media sites will keep consumers in the loop and constantly being reminded about the business you are promoting.  A lapse of updates leaves the consumer stranded and they may go somewhere else with their business if they are not reminded of your business.  Los Angeles social media marketing is only effective if it is updated daily.


SEO, or search engine marketing, is another great place to start in the marketing business.  Like social media, it must be continuously worked on for your marketing business plan to have any kind of success.  Los Angeles SEO works by conquering the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Have you ever wondered how the results are ordered when you search for something using one of these search engines?  The results on the page are ranked according to which ones fit the keywords you typed in to the search engine toolbar, which sites are the most relevant, and which ones have the best quality of content.  While that may seem like a lot to sort through, Google has an algorithm to weed out the good sites from the bad ones.


As a marketing company, you need to worry about providing web pages that contain quality work but also have keywords and phrases that consumers would use to search for your business using a search engine.  Again, this type of marketing strategy only works if you keep up with it.  Every day, more sites are popping up and they can easily replace your spot on a search engine results page.  It is important for your site to maintain a top spot on these pages to receive more views and therefore more customers.


These are only two strategies for getting started in marketing.  It can seem a little intimidating and a lot of work at first, but once you get going and grasp the concepts, it will become easier and the reward will be great.

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