Getting to know the Search Engine, Utilizing their Ranking of New and Old, all Search Engines and High Placement in the Listings

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Search engine ranking is the concern for every marketer.  It is the best the marketer can achieve on the World Wide Web.  It is being at the top of the search engine rankings.

With successful search engine optimization the marketer will achieve top rank position for his Internet business, opening the World Wide Web to his business presence.  Opportunity is endless as the billions of World Wide Web users search for information on the web every day.


Search engine optimization is the preferred form of advertising among marketers to reach the top positions in the search engines.  This is an advertising through optimizing the business’s website and using keywords in its content and in advertising ad content.  Reaching the top positions will not be achieved without the popularity of visits to the website and relevant content.


Search engine rankings monitoring services are now available on the Internet.  Something fairly new to me, but may have been in existence for some time.  These are much like the SEO companies.  The search engine ranking monitoring service provides the solutions to measure the success of your website.  They will also provide the webmaster with tools designed to promote their website and increase online sales.  Metrics typically used to track your web presence and enable informed actions.  Website packages focusing website traffic and performance will be devised, as monitoring and analyzing your site.  The package should include monitoring you website position in all the major search engines result pages and measure associated metric associated with site popularity such as back links, indexed pages, Google Page Rank.


Search engines have been popular since becoming established in the 1990’s and can be found by the dozens.  A Google search of search engines will bring many pages of results. is a new search engine that, with Alexa, provides a brand new search engine algorithm that rates sites through a new approach of the site’s relevancy of content and Alexa user popularity data. parent company is Jayde Online Company.  Over 25000 websites per day are indexed through search engine and directory.  The current count is 2 million websites indexed and the projection is 5 million by the end of the year.  Through its unique ranking system, search engine is quickly making its way with a system that is popular to the webmasters and affiliates.  Through search engine optimization webmasters are increasing their popularity in the search engines rankings of Alexa and with concept of site relevancy a top position in is reachable.  What search engines have had in common til now is their ranking system and with the unique ranking system of it is likely that it will increase much higher than its estimations.


Submission of a webmaster or affiliate site can be performed through simple submission of the webmasters URL. This will not guarantee your search engine listing position, however, that will depend on the popularity to the website.  Successful advertising will ensure rankings to the web site.  Search engine optimization is to achieve this performance.  There are many free URL submission sites as well as paid.  Search engines are constantly scouring the web for new content.  In order to gain popularity in all search engines, submit your site to the top search engines, which are Yahoo, Google, Ask, and MSN directly.   By submitting your site, you will bring it to the search engines attention.  You will want to submit your site every time you improve your website, also.  By submitting your website again, the search engines will review your website and consider your updates as they rank your site in the search engine results.  Your site should not be submitted too often, as this will cause a disfavor.  However, you do want to keep submissions regular at least once a month.


Web search engines operate very functionally.  The web search engines store information regarding web pages on the World Wide Web, a database for all sites.  A web crawler retrieves the pages every time someone performs a search.  The contents of the webmasters page are examined to see how they should be indexed.  Popularity of the site will be what places you in the top positions when your site is pulled to the listings with others. Then, the data is stored in an index database for use in queries.


When an Internet user enters a search into the search engine the engine searches it index and in return pulls up a listing of the best matching web pages according to the search keywords or keyword phrase used.


This is where website content plays a major role.  As there may be millions of websites matching the criteria of a search on the Web, the search engine results will be listed with the most relevant, popular or authoritative websites, first.  Your keywords should be well thought out and planned and your sites content should be informative and concise.  This will have an impact as to your listings in the search results.


To find a guide to all the major search engines visit:

  1. Search Engine Watch


A successful search engine marketing campaign is part of your strategic plan.  This is search engine optimization.   You will develop your website and content and campaign around your keywords.  Submission of your website to the search engines should be done monthly and you should regularly campaign in order to bring visitors to your site, thus improving your rankings in the search engines.  Most search engines revenue comes from advertising and some search engines allow you to “purchase” you place in their listings.  This is through search engine adverts such as Google AdWords .  Through such advertising you will be placed in the top of the rankings to the right of the results.  This is an excellent position for every marketer.  A high ranking in the search engines opens you up to the billions of Internet users.


Paid search engine advertising is used when the marketer is not practicing search engine optimization or advertising his site.  Search engines that do allow the purchase of positions generate revenue through running search related ads alongside the regular search engine results.  This advertising is called Pay per Click advertising and the webmaster or affiliate is charged every time their site is visited via the search engine.


Search engine rankings are the success of a business.  They produce the most valued visitor and the most candidates.  Without top search engine positioning you will not have the many prospects of the World Wide Web.


Search engine optimization is the key in positioning in the rankings of the website.  It is a method of advertising that should be practiced by every webmaster and affiliate to ensure the success of their online business and/or advertising.  However, you will have them if you are listed on page one.  Therefore search engine optimization is everything.

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