Global Internet Marketing & e Marketing: A More Sophisticated Form of Commerce

Staff Writer: Max Smith

Date: 09/23/2009

Marketing is the process where people can exchange goods and services in an environment where a customer and provider relationship is created. This transaction is present in various forms and is delivered through various means. The market is an ideal example of a place where this customer-provider relationship is seen. The term marketing refers to the complex process where the needs of the consumer can be solved or satisfied by the provider.

This relationship is the main principle through which businesses operate. A business owner creates a need for its consumers and provides the products or services that can fulfill this need. Traditionally, business relations only happen in small geographic regions. It is so hard to create and maintain business relationships through long distances. However, the introduction of technology changed it. With the advancements of technology, the concept of commerce has been changed dramatically.

How did technology change traditional marketing concepts?

The introduction of such mass media tools like the radio and television made it possible to connect with other people. This changed the style of interaction between consumers and providers in the commerce or business cycle. The products of technology enabled a larger scope of people involved in business relationships. Styles of interaction shifted from largely personal interactions to other communication strategies that technology has to offer. Before, relaying information is only possible in short distances. Moreover, sending or brining the message may take time. However, technological advancements made it easy and fast in order to exchange the message through great distances. These greatly expanded business relationships can include people from a distant location. Geographic boundaries were defied with these products of technology.

Birth of Internet Marketing

One product of technology that greatly changed the concepts of commerce is the internet. The internet made global communications possible and sufficient. This expanded the clientele of business to the global level. Internet marketing involves customer-provider relationships in an online medium.

What is seen in internet marketing?

The internet challenged traditional concepts and principles in commerce and business relations. The birth of the internet created a new avenue to create and maintain business transactions.

The use of the World Wide Web in doing business transactions is referred to as internet marketing. This business form is a revolution to the traditional processes that is associated with commerce and trade. The internet became a very useful tool to expand businesses and create customer-consumer partnerships.

How can internet marketing be done?

There are various ways to do business through the internet. Due to the ease of use and great accessibility of the internet to a wide number of users, it has become a very powerful business tool. Some businesses create web pages that will advertise their products and services. Others use social networking sites to promote different things. Some companies even allow affiliate marketers to promote their company and thus, increase their sales.

Affiliate marketing operates on the company agent principle. You become an affiliate or partner of a certain company by devising online strategies to promote the said group. In return, these companies will give you commissions for increasing their popularity and sales. Information exchange on business related topics was made easier with the use of internet.

Advantages of Internet marketing over Traditional Marketing Styles

  1. The internet is your way to connect with bigger clientele. Through internet-aided trade, you can do business related deals with people all over the world. This opens you from the geographic limitations seen in traditional business strategies. Therefore, you are able to expand your potential in gaining more customers around the globe.
  2. Commerce and trade that are performed online generates lower costs than traditional marketing. Online transactions can be done even with people from a distant location. You are saved from the hassles and expenses of travelling just to do business transactions or promote your trade. Placing online advertisements and launching online campaign strategies can help you inform a big audience at a low cost. When done through other offline means, you will spend lots of money in achieving the job.
  3. Online commerce can also help in lowering your efforts rather than offline. You are able reach a broad audience through web pages and other internet related business strategies. You can be at home yet use the internet for business growth and expansion. The online possibility of business promotions with the least effort required is truly enticing. This convenience makes online marketing a huge hit among business owners.
  4. Business exchange through the internet is a new arena of commerce and trade. It has a big potential that is still largely undiscovered. The potential of internet commerce are endless. The freshness and uniqueness of its approach entices many people to engage in this online trade.

The World Connected By the Internet

As internet-aided commerce became a huge hit, the world was now treated as a smaller global village. Just like a real village, interaction and relationships are more personal because of the World Wide Web. Communication is fast and easy in an online commerce transaction.

The ease with business relationships had paved the way to global marketing. Commerce is now done to the biggest clientele possible, the whole world. Global marketing makes business relations through remote locations possible.

Emerging E-commerce

As the internet made business and communications a reality, a new form of business means has emerged in the form of electronic marketingThis is business transactions uses an electronic or online medium.  Electronic marketing is popularly known as E-marketing.  Strategies of E-marketing are highly sophisticated and aided by computer tools and internet connectivity Therefore, you are able to make transactions fast and easy.

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