Google and MSN for Free Web Page URL Search Engine Submit to Strengthen the Advertising Efforts of your Website Campaign

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 9-14-2009 

Google Submit Web

Search engine submission of a site is of utmost importance to the survival of a website. With Google being the most preferred search engine, Google submit web is most essential. Through this you expose your site to millions of viewers at just one click. Google submit web is by itself an easy process; however the actual listing of the site may take time depending on the frequency with which the keyword is searched, competitor’s site present on Google and your site’s search engine optimization level. There are many services offered online by companies who submit your website to Google for free. They can help you submit your site to thousands of directories and search engines increasing your site’s visibility considerably. While most search engines allow automatic submission of sites, certain sites like Yahoo, Google, Bing etc. place more importance to sites that have been submitted manually. Hence, if you hire any outside service to do the jobs for you ensure they have manual submission to these sites to increase your chances. These professionals can also offer you free site review and free advice on SEO ranking before submission. Some services also provide option free-for-all directory submission. After the successful completion of submission, a detailed report is emailed to you that gives you the list to which the sites have been submitted to. There are over 75000 search engines on the Internet, however, not all are covered by the services. A single submission does not really suffice as the competition in internet marketing is huge and chances of being displayed in the results quite less. The charges of resubmission are quite less yet you can avail a discount if you go through the service you used earlier or if you have more than one website to be submitted.

While the option to submit your website to Google for free can be tempting you do need to remember that you cannot do it more than once a month. In the sea of websites that Google has to deal with in respect to any given keyword, the chances of citing your website in search results gets a harsh beating with a single submission a month. That is why you can submit URL on MSN to better you chances. The process to submit your website to Google for free and submit URL on MSN is almost similar; in fact the ways in which both the search engines search out for sites for specific keywords are also nearly same. Although the basic necessity for each search engine is the presence of keywords a certain number of times in certain number of pages, even the placement of the keywords holds different importance level to each search engine. For Googlebot to search your site the keywords should be present in more number of web pages on your site and also the keyword should be dispersed over the content of the page to be relevant. Google also considers links to your sites to rank your page accordingly, more the number of external sites linking to your site the higher your page ranking will be. MSN search engines also places importance on keywords however it checks for density of keywords in the first two paragraphs of your site’s content. Further chances of your site being displayed in MSN search engine is increased if you have text links stuffed with keywords at the end of your web page. This is because MSN bots consider that a site that has keywords at the beginning and the end of its page will be more relevant to the browser.


Once you submit web page to Google search or submit URL on MSN, the work is not over. First of all for both the search engines to consider your site it should be updated regularly even daily if it is on current affairs or on matters that are of daily importance. All the links in your site such as sitemap, other pages navigable from the homepage, external links cited in your site should be working properly. If your site cannot be updated daily or regularly, consider putting up articles that are informative and substantiate your site’s credibility on your site. The articles should be rich (but not stuffed) with the keywords. Submit web page to Google search first and then conduct all search engine optimization tasks on your site. Google bots will not searching for your site immediately on submission but will take time to scour through many things before arriving at your site. Meanwhile if you undertake SEO chances of your site being found by the bots increases. Also after you submit URL on MSN try to get as many external links into your site as possible.

While much has been discussed about search engine optimization tools and techniques there are services available online that can be hired. Most of these services complain that the websites are not properly optimized and hence the sites are not being searched properly by search engines. They insist on verifying if the page has been properly designed and appropriate HTML tags included. They also request verification of correct use of Meta tags. These services can help you discover SPAM elements like hidden text that can get your website penalized. They also recommend external and internal site linking to increase the page ranking. In fact most of the professional services will help you do all this and more if you hire them for a minimal fee. Some of the services provided by search engines are the Adwords and Adsense. However enrolling in these does not ensures your site will be displayed in the search results.  But they will maximize the revenue potential of your site as you get ads that are contextually targeted. They even provide you with reports that will help you decide whether or not the exercise was helpful to your site. To get the maximum amount of success in internet marketing you need to find and target your audience.

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