Google Search Engine and Optimization and Ranking in the Top Search Engines Free.

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/20/2009

Search Engine Optimization is booming like never before.  With trillions of Internet sites on the World Wide Web marketers realize the importance of being ranked high in the search engine results.  Serious marketers are already familiar with the importance of search engine rankings and newbies are learning the importance.


Google search engine is rated the most populated search engine on the World Wide Web and has billions of users scouring it for information on a daily bases.  For the marketer, being ranked high in a top search engine such as Google could literally mean exploding ones business.  Achieving top search engine ranking will be part of your company’s strategic plan.


Whether you have a pre existing business or are a new marketer on the Internet search engine optimization will be the successful advertising of your website preformed by you or a hired professional to ensure your success.  There are many paid and free search engine optimization methods that you as a marketer can engage in.


Before beginning your advertising campaign you should have a back ground and understanding of Internet Marketing.  It is not just the basic function of building a website and thinking it will reach the world through Internet marketing.  It takes strategic planning.  You will most likely devote hours upon hours to your business’s growth through the World Wide Web should you decide to promote your website yourself.


When building your website you will want to design a good theme that will go nicely with your product or service.  You will want to incorporate your keywords and use them within the content of your website. Once you have done this you will be able to successfully begin to market your product or service.


One campaign that you will likely engage in is email campaigning.  In order to be efficient with your email campaigning you should incorporate auto responders into your campaigns.  Auto Responders are computer programs that automatically respond to emails sent to it.  For example you send an email to perspective leads and the leads responds your auto responder through accessing your email site or landing page the auto responder will automatically answer the lead with a responding email.  Auto responders are often used as email marketing tools to provide immediate information to the interested prospect and then can be set to follow up at preset time intervals.  Say sending an additional email every other day.


Advertising can be achieved through free search engine optimization.  There are many forms of advertising on the Internet.  It is a good idea to begin simple and build your way up combining different methods.  However, it is also a good idea to know what Internet marketing entails.  There are many ways to go about learning Internet marketing from free training courses to informative sites and magazines to paid courses or to hire a professional service.


Targeting your audience is important.  You will do so through knowing your product and what audience will be the most interested in your product.   Once you know this begin to take advantage of the many methods of advertising on the World Wide Web.


To begin you may chose to do a paid to read email campaign.  Through a paid to read campaign you will select such things as the sex, race, origin and age of your reader along with interests and other demographics.  This will bring targeted prospects to your site producing a higher quality of visitor as well as a higher volume of visitors.


To engage in paid to read campaigning visit:

  1. Rent a List
  2. MatrixMails         www.matrixmails
  3. CashMoneyEmails



Another form of advertising you may chose to engage in is forum postings.  There is nearly a forum on every subject today and finding one that matches your product is possible.  By posting on forums you will make contacts and be able to advertise your product or service to many interested readers.  You will need to check back to the forum a few times a week to answer any questions that have been posted in response to your post.


Social networking sites are another excellent place to advertise and to make contacts.  Through the social sites you will meet other marketers interested in your product or service and will be able to share effective advertising methods.  This is a great way to learn and to build contacts.


SEO articles are another way to gain exposure to your website.  This is used excessively among marketers.  Through article submission you will be able produce quality inbound links to your website and maximize your exposure.  You will want to use your keywords frequently in the article and produce quality content.  There is a number of search engine software that you can use to submit articles to the different sites eliminating the task of manual submission.  You will find both paid and free article submission software through a search engine search.


Safelist and text ad exchanges are another effective means of advertising.  Through these sites you will be advertising to other members many of which are interested in new opportunities.  Members often time build points by viewing other members’ website and earn such things as solo emails and advertising credits for traffic links etc.


Surf sites are another form of member advertising.  Through the surf sites you will view other members’ websites and be able to have your site viewed by other members.  This ensures hits to your website just as the safelists and text ad exchanges. This can considerably increase your website presence on the World Wide Web. It could be time consuming for you too.


It is important to remember that as a webmaster you want to advertise effectively.  Each visitor to your site counts as a vote in the search engines.  To reach the top of the search engine rankings or ratings it is necessary to be ahead of your competitors in visitors to your site and with relevant content on your web site.   This will be what attracts the visitor and what brings them back.  Content is valued among Internet users and to stand out your content will have to be outstanding.

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