Google SEO Services Change Under theNew Google Penguin Rules

Staff writer: Erica Curcio

Date: 7.9.2012


Google, the most popular web search engine has decided to change the rules of the game.

You may not be aware of the way that your computer brings up search results: a formula that determines relevant content. Much like a mathematical equation, the algorithm matches your search by pulling up the most relevant keywords and content.


When the algorithms first became active, they generated the search results by matching keywords. You may remember when AOL came out and you typed in a quick keyword to bring up the content you were searching for. The problem with that was that the online algorithm would match your keywords, but if a website had poor quality content there was no way to decipher what sort of content you could come up with.

So Google invented Penguin. Penguin is the name of the algorithm tool, not a cute little black and white waddling animal. Penguin can carefully run through each website and calculate which ones were the best matches for the keywords that you typed into the search bar. In a recent update, Penguin became able to search through the content generated and brought up the most quality content in ranks, thus eliminating the older problem search engines like the previous AOL example brought on with just matching relevant keywords.


Being able to surf the internet became much easier for users because of this. Unfortunately, it was not the best news for the websites. Developers had to up there game to reach the top of the search engine result pages, also known as SERP’s.


Google SEO services wanted to step it up to quality content and relevant keywords. Throwing in a slew of keywords would no longer be the only qualification to rank at the top of the SERP’s.


Firms that provided ranking SEO service to their clients started to watch themselves slowly slide down in the rankings asthe creation Penguin put into place these new rules. These firms previously used keyword tactics to get their customers to rank at the top of the search engine results pages.


For internet marketing firms in Los Angeles, this became a dilemma as well. Internet marketing firms were using such strategies as using an exorbitant number of links and a jargon mash up of keywords to get noticed. It was time to clean up their act. Google SEO services new rules would restrict them. The firms had to change their links to lead to quality content and, in addition, their keywords must be adequate. Such leading companies now had restrictions placed on them and a new guideline to adhere to if they wanted to stay qualified as the best.


With such a huge amount of information available on the internet in this day and ag,e it’s incredible to have developed such technology to clean up these searches and make the internet much more user friendly. Programs such as Penguin should be acknowledged as genius, and have made the internet and web surfing much more satisfying and user friendly.


The downside for website developers is that they must work constantly to keep themselves at the top of the search engine result pages. Marketing strategies have to be adjusted every now and again in order for this to be accomplished. Next time you type something into your search bar, you now are educated in what it takes to accomplish the results that you desire. Penguin is no longer just a word for a cute black and white animal, but also the word for Google’s genius creation to make the web world a better place.

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