Great Marketing, Download, Educational and Advertising Search Campaigns

“Staff Writer” Leontine Armstrong, August 14, 2009


The idea behind download campaigns is that they are designed to help promote your business by setting up a campaign that the customer can download and read on their own time. By creating download campaigns your customer can use a portion of the information you gave them so they can see if they like it. It’s borderline trial campaign because you are letting them download a previously created piece of information specially designed for them so that they will be interested in your campaign. Giving your customer this will create a sense of trust with you and your business because if they see that you are ready to help them they will feel safer with going with your business. Also, the choice of seeing the information that they can refer back to at any time is a great idea because they will see that you want them to have information that will help them. They will feel like you truly care if they go with your business or not. Creating download campaigns helps the customer make the decision of what they want to do with your business and why they should do business with you.

Educational campaigns can give us an awareness of what is going on in our community especially if we didn’t know it already. Educational campaigns can be anything from weekends that promote awareness about abortions to a rally on a college campus that supports the idea that no one should live in fear from sexual assault and rape. If you type the words educational campaigns into Google you will get some links to see examples of students, teachers and friends at several college campuses that are making the public aware of what they are campaigning for. These educational campaigns can have a lot of support from the community because they or a loved one may have been effected by rape and sexual abuse. The encouraging programs these people offer are further promoted by handing out tee shirts and flyers. Other good ideas are holding up flags and posters or putting them on walls for others to see. Educational campaigns do just what they sound like they would do. They create an educational awareness of an important idea or concept that can be recognized and understood by the mass public.

Some great marketing campaigns that are popular and work are ones that are interesting, unique, creative, and memorable. If you want to create some great marketing campaigns it is important to understand that consumers want to see something entertaining that still reaches out to them and shows what the product really is. A great example is Buckley’s Cough Syrup. The commercials and advertisements are memorable because they are very funny. Using humor to your advantage will open the doors to more great marketing campaigns that you can use for other campaigns.

Another great marketing campaign that is memorable is the Orbit commercials and advertisements. In these commercials the viewer sees a beautiful lady promoting a chewing gum that will keep your mouth fresh no matter what happens. The commercials range from a person jumping into a pile of mud to being splashed with other unpleasant dirty materials. Every time this happens the Orbit lady will ask if their mouth still feels clean even though they are covered in dirt. The person smiles every time and we see a cheesy sparkle from the apparently clean mouth. This commercial is hilarious because it makes fun of the chewing gum and what it can do. It is obvious that the chewing gum tastes good and will keep your mouth clean. However, this is only to an extent because if you were to argue the question, you would see that dirt can still get in your mouth no matter what. The whole marketing campaign is funny and entertaining making it a memorable and very popular campaign.

Many great advertising campaigns start with the basics. You figure out what it is that you want to advertise. Next you think of who your target audience is and how you will get their attention. Artwork in great advertising campaigns is important because if it looks cool it will be cool. Take for example Zippo lighters. There is an advertisement that has a hand holding a Zippo lighter with the flame and a background of fans. This is effective because it portrays the idea that no matter how much technology will advance we can still go back to the basic instinct of survival with fire. This is one of the great advertising campaigns because it appeals to smokers and appeals to any person who finds fire important in their daily lives, as well as people who go to concerts and hold up their lighters to signify that the concert is great. With this single advertisement several big groups have been targeted and successfully advertised to. The picture is colorful and creates a sense of need because fire is something that no one can live without. With this advertisement we are able to understand that the campaign is making a statement that you should never abandon the Zippo lighter because it will always be there for you.

When creating search campaigns something that can do to help you is to figure out the main points in your business or product so you can create important keywords to put in your title and web content. Search campaigns are very similar to SEO campaigns which concern the optimization of your business and product through various steps. Customers use search engines to find information on the internet when they aren’t sure of where they can find it such as on a specific website they don’t know about. This website may contain exactly what they are looking for but the customer doesn’t know that until they search it through the search engine. Typing into Google the product or business they are searching for will start with many links to other sites that may or may not be what they are looking for. The important idea is that your keywords in your title will help to bring your link closer to the initial search results if it is what they customer is searching for. Making it easy for your customer is the best thing you can do for them. They don’t like hassle and the easier it is for them the more they will come back to you and your business.


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