Guidelines in Video Marketing – How it is Different from Internet Marketing.

For small business houses being noticed on-line amidst the plentiful branded business organizations is a challenge especially when competing with the branded marketing departments having endless marketing budget. Though it may sound strange, but the truth is that these organizations are “striking gold” and finding instant success through on-line video marketing. Statistics have revealed that video improves on-line visibility, drives more action on-line than mere images and textual content. It is apparent, after research study that 30% to 40% viewers, after watching product video clips, click for more information and phone enquiries go up by 16% to 20%.


Unlike the expensive TV advertising, on-line video is affordable for large as well as small business houses. There are companies who help in the creation of effective on-line videos which are of professional quality and customized offering “free try models”. As videos need to be seen, marketing the business through on-line video does not end merely with the production. Certain suggestions have been outlined to get the optimum result from video marketing. They are :

01)      One should aim for authentic and actionable content which highlights the company’s strengths and provides reasons for difference in growth compared to other smaller business enterprises. Stock photography and templates should not be emphasized upon, rather keeping the video short less scripted should be considered. Customers do not like to be faced by typical marketing clichés and marketing buzzword. Creating authentic videos that capture the human element behind any business allows the customers to connect at a personal level. A “call-to-action” should be incorporated as this builds trust and drives viewers since they have a reason to contact, visit the website or stop at the outlet. To create effective videos, the URL should be inserted along with coupon discount code and contact details.

02)      The video should be optimized for Google search as search engine algorithms lay great importance on video for page ranking. Research studies have revealed that video has 50 times better chance than plain text for obtaining the top search ranking.

03)      Add video to Facebook page as the social network provides the chance to strengthen relationship, builds the brand, presents the special offers as well as identifies the new customers. In Facebook, to get the optimum results, it is imperative to use video showing the human element of the company. Even posting video highlights of past events and customer testimonials in a creative manner shows quick response.

04)      Inserting video on YouTube and other video sites helps as these are great vehicles to reach audience which otherwise could not have been identified. Creating a branded YouTube channel for hosting personal videos eliminates incurring bandwidth costs. For small businesses this technique creates valuable new relationship and builds sales.

05)      Adding video to Google local business listing helps the client to connect with those people who are searching for similar products or services depicted in the website. This ultra targeted form of marketing is highly result oriented and drives-in more traffic through “clicks and calls”. An engaging video brings the website to life and sets apart that particular website from the crowd.


Video marketing reaps substantial benefits in both long and short term. This form of marketing is an important part of Internet marketing and is way ahead of the traditional techniques of Internet marketing. People no longer depend on links for front page ranking in search engine as link building at times does not yield the desired results nor does it improve the web traffic. In this context video marketing has a big impact on viewers as the risk involved is negligible unlike in Internet marketing where the website depicting the company’s products and services may not be indexed by the search engine’s “spider” if it fails to comply with their guidelines.

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