Having a Los Angeles Search Engine Optimization and Online Internet Marketing Company will give you quality traffic.

Staff Writer: Cecilia Caprarella

Date: 6/24/2009


Online advertising or Internet marketing is all about getting quality traffic to your website. Getting your online business in front of as many people as possible as often as possible is crucial for success.  Internet Marketing is not a luxury it’s a necessity and should be included as part of the cost of doing business and part of your budget.

Now that we know that marketing is the key essential to online success, we should also understand that in an age of penny pinching, this area of business should be your priority. Can you do it all yourself?

Sure you can. Yet the word is still out on whether you can do it all… and attain success. Running a profitable online business takes more than a good idea and a business plan. It involves designing a site that is attractive as well as enticing to a particular target audience that would be interested in your product or service. It requires knowledge of keyword research, site structure optimization, link building and online marketing. In other words a successful online business needs the knowledge and practical application of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). If you have the time, you could, no doubt, read, take a course or browse through the endless instructional sites available online in order to master this unique profession, on the other hand, you could partner up with a skilled SEO already familiar and trained in this field.

SEO is the way to search engine ranking, which in this media, can make the difference between success and failure.  An SEO specializes in the use of keywords and knows how to use those words to reach a search engine data base. The same keywords are used in the website’s programming code so it can be easily reached found and delivered to an internet user searching for something of interest online. Take for example a person looking to market their online business; maybe this person is mainly interested in finding a local company that may be more accessible;  they may be inclined to type words or a phrase on the search tab like Los Angeles Internet Marketing orLos Angeles Engine Optimization or if they really want a search engine and website to work for their business, they may type something more vague like, Los Angeles Online Company, if a website is equipped with search engine tactics its URL may appear, high ranking, on the page result. This type of search engine result is known as organic, as opposed to paid sponsorship like Sponsored Site or Sponsored Links, where an online business has purchased a listing on a prominent section on the search result page.

The Forest Research predicted that by 2012 companies will spend some $9 billion on search engine optimization, that in itself give credence to this ever evolving marketing technique.

The term “hunt mode” is used to describe an internet user searching online. The user is by all intended purpose a potential client, be it in the immediate, or sometime in the future, the searcher is looking for a particular product or service of interest. The searcher may be interested in a tutorial on how something works in different demographics; say for instance how a Los Angeles based Search marketing campaign may differ from one in Huston TX. Being in touch with the thinking process of the target audience is equally important. What if your site is missed by the way an internet user phrases their search? What if instead of the words mentioned above a searcher rephrases the search, for example Los Angeles Search Engine Marketing? Would the word “Marketing” change the result?

This type of searcher or traffic is what makes search engine results potentially lucrative. Whether the site is exposed by a search engine through “organic” results or through paid listings the target audience has been reached, connected. And this means potential profit for the online business.

Search engine traffic is a non-intrusive technique used in Internet marketing. Most other forms of advertising have a way of interrupting the lives of the audience they are trying to attract. While millions are spent on TV ads for example, the audience may be turned of by it’s the interruption of their favorite show.

Consider the fact that the target audience, (your potential client) feels in complete control when they type their topic of interest, or click, on your paid listing since they are seeking you out… and not the other way around. Yet you have optimized your site in order for that to happen. It’s a win, win situation.


Unpaid (otherwise known as organic or algothimic) search engine traffic was once fairly easy to garner – before there were 3 billion documents competing for attention in the search engine databases.

There are still those advertisers that believe in using “tricks” to improve the relevancy of a site within the search engines that are spider based. I’m sure there are those who believe and those who practice this type of trickery and no doubt may even make a few bucks, but certainly they don’t expect to be around for long. Search Engines are like the eye in space always watching for unscrupulous websites. Keep in mind that search engines owe an allegiance to the internet user that keeps this media alive and the websites that make them one of the most profitable entities around.

With all the data on the subject one could rest assure that SEO is a sound marketing technique that should not be underestimated. Incorporate search engine optimization in your site design and HTLM formatting. Combine your SEO with a paid listing campaign for a well rounded ever reaching marketing strategy.

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