Hits from traffic exchanges work

Erin Kilgour, Staff Writer, 8/23/2009

Traffic exchanges have become one of the most popular ways for a webmaster to generate traffic to his site.   Why?  That is because traffic exchanges work.  They are a means of advertising that will build clicks or visits to the webmasters web site quickly.  They are cost efficient right down to free.


Search engine optimization has become a priority on among marketers for the sole purpose of having their websites ranked high in the search engine results.  This is a well thought out plan that takes research and detail and knowledge in Internet marketing.  Many marketers chose to hire a search engine professional service to perform the task of marketing their Internet business.   A professional service is an advantage as they can take you to the top much more quickly.  However, with research you can also perform the task yourself.


Search engine optimization is not difficult to understand. It is the design and construction of your Internet business and projecting it into the future.  You will optimize your website to make it relevant in the search engines and among other marketers and chose keywords that when searched in the search engines will pull your website among the results.  The keywords will best suit the theme of your product or business.  With the construction of your website and your keywords you will begin to search engine optimization.  This is getting hits or visitors to your site to reach high standings in the search engines.  This will be done through advertising.


As a business owner you will have a number of methods in which you can advertise.  For the small and low budget business traffic exchange advertising is popular.  This is a form of advertising in which a webmaster can quickly acquire hits to their site with little to no cost dollar amount.  The sites are designed for marketers to join and view one another’s websites producing hits to their sites.  The hits can quickly add up, depending on how much time the marketer spends viewing others websites.  The webmasters are awarded credits for joining and for viewing other member’s ads.  These credits can be used for solo ads, having their website viewed or for banner advertising.  The traffic exchange is not only a great way to acquire hits to your website; it is a great way to build a down line.  All traffic exchanges have a down line building.  Some reward credits to the members sites for bringing in new members, some award cash.  It will depend on the traffic exchange.


Web traffic exchange has been in existence since the beginning of the Internet.  There are many forms of exchanging traffic on the internet.  There are the autosurf and manual traffic exchanges and recently there are the video and blogging traffic exchange programs.


The Internet is loaded with traffic exchanges and new traffic exchanges are popping up daily.  They are a great asset to the marketer and a great asset to the traffic exchange owner.  Many webmaster depend on traffic exchange owners to help generate traffic to their site.  It is a relationship that builds quickly if the owner is promoting and managing the site functionally and gearing it towards the members.  This will be achieved through incentives and contests for the members, keeping the members informed and updated on happenings in and on the site, and possibly a newsletter that gives tidbits of information on successful marketing techniques.  It will also depend greatly on the support that the traffic exchange owner offers to their members.  Traffic from exchange sites is steadily growing and is not going to disappear.


Finding an existing traffic exchange for sale may not be an easy task.  There are traffic exchanges owners who purchased or built there site and then for one reason or another decided that they did not want the responsibility of being a traffic exchange owner.  This may be due to the time involved that it takes to run the traffic exchange or it may be that the site was not properly promoted and they are not yielding enough revenue.  Traffic exchanges require work and dedication.  They are not a fly by night operation but something that needs continual attention.


There are traffic exchange networks on the World Wide Web that will also be helpful in finding a traffic exchange for sale.  An interested webmaster might also ask through the traffic exchange forums.  There are also the companies that will build traffic exchanges for you.  All are an option.


Management and promotion and involvement with your members will be the key factors in successfully promoting your traffic exchange and having it soar to the top of the Internet traffic exchanges.  You will want to make certain that you have a site that can grow or can add to when the site has reached its limits.


Every marketer is looking for the best means of advertising.  Traffic exchange advertising has become an all time favorite as the webmaster generates thousands of clicks with the only involvement being time spent.


The traffic exchanges operate on a ratio that is calculated as 3:1, 2:1, or 1:1 meaning that the member must view three, two or one site of other members in order to have his site view one time.  The 1:1 ratio will be for upgraded members.  Upgrades on traffic exchanges are normally very reasonable at under $10 a month.  With this you will be given extra credits each month to in which you can use towards the viewing of your website, banner advertising or solo ads.  Referring other members to the site under your membership link will also earn commissions and / or credits.


Traffic exchanges work.  Don’t miss the opportunity to advertise through them.

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