How a Cheap SEO Company Can Provide Customer Service Online

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.31.2012




A cheap SEO company may not have thought of the multitude of ways in which a website can provide customer services. Although the more traditional modes of customer service include an in-person customer service rep or an over-the-phone representative, it’s rare for a cheap SEO company to think about how effective Internet customer service can be.


Nowadays, when customers want instant service and gratification without the hassle of dealing with other people, they go to the internet to get all their concerns sorted out. This is how websites can serve has a great method of customer service. Websites also dole out customer service in a variety of different ways.


One popular method of customer service done on the Internet is the display of product information. Internet customers are as savvy as ever, so one of the first things they’ll look for in a product is the product specs or factual information on it. Before committing to a product, savvy Internet shoppers will research and explore multiple websites and venues to get exactly what they want. Providing detailed information on your product is not only responsible, but it makes you trustworthy to your customers. You should also have this product information be easy to for customers to find, whether one a mobile phone or on their computer.


Some of the best customer service comes with allowing people to serve themselves. Instead of having customers call a hotline in regards to their account, allow them to register, sign in and look up their own account information and change their settings. Allow for multiple payment options.


Sometimes, even if a customer doesn’t have the time to meet with a customer service rep in person, it’s still nice for them to talk to a living, breathing human, even it it’s through your computer screen. This is where livechat customer services come into play. Livechat allows you to browse through the website while also being able to type in any question you want answered immediately.


Many online businesses often forget that an FAQ page is probably one of the most important pages on their site. It’s the last line of defense that saves a confused customer from total frustration. Any and all industries have a common line of questioning, all of which can be conveniently covered in an FAQ page. If their question isn’t answered in the FAQ page and you don’t offer any contact information where a customer’s unique question can be answered immediately, the customer will likely be frustrated and wander towards your competitor.


Another way in which customer services can be used on websites is by offering personal incentives to customers. With websites, it’s easy to track a customer’s previous purchase history and recommend new products based on that history. This also serves as a way to reward loyal customers, as you can also offer exclusive discounts.


Although website-based customer service isn’t meant to completely replace person-to-person interactions, having an interactive website that essentially allows customers to service themselves is a very valuable part of online customer service.

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