How A Freelance Interactive Web Design Agency Can Enhance Your Business’s Internet Presence

lolajane, Staff Writer October 7, 2009

Web design agencies specialize in customizing web sites and the web experience of Internet users. The customization can have one or more of several goals. Luckily, these goals are easily tracked so that you can visibly see whether the web design agency’s results have been satisfactory. A web design agency can serve the purpose of increasing visitors to a web site, increase the average length of time visiting a web site, increase sales (quality hits on a web site), or any of a broad range of goals. A mission statement will not only let the client know what the interactive web design agency plans to accomplish, it will set a clear focus for the agency.

A freelance web design agency is an agency hired for the short term in order to immediately fulfill a goal. Freelancers, otherwise called “independent contractors,” can be very beneficial to a business since they do not need to invest time and money in training the individuals within the agency since the individuals agents should be well versed in their business. And since they are not considered internal employees, the business does not have to provide any other benefits beyond the agreed upon pay rate. The competition amongst freelancers is fierce, by posting your needs on an industry forum, you will easily have several freelancers reply to your post. By scouting around a little, you will have your pick of many talented freelancers who are interested and qualified to take on your project.


A good freelance Internet agency will provide for many of your site’s needs. If the goal is to increase traffic to a site, the agency will take on the role of an advertising agency for you. With viral marketing, banner ads, pay per click ads, and well-written eBooks, your company’s name will soon become well known in your niche market. It is important that all of your advertising campaign remains professional and relevant, otherwise you and your site will be regarded as an annoyance. Many search engines will ban spammers of this nature if your advertising methods get out of hand.


Freelance agencies can be found on a number of different sites. You will want to refine your search depending on what you are looking for. Copywriters are perhaps the easiest to find. A copywriter will write the textual content of your page, often for a low fee. This, of course, is dependent on the experience and background of the freelancer. If you are looking for a top of the line freelancer, you will definitely be paying more than if you hire a freelancer who has just started. By posting on the forum what your needs are and what your pay rate is, the applicants will let you know if they are able to do what you need and if they agree to the price. You should always ask for multiple writing samples of work that they have had published, either online or in print.


Search engine optimization writing is a definite necessity if increased traffic is your goal. An experienced freelancer with experience writing in this genre should be able to write about 1,000 words per hour, if they are familiar with the content being written. If possible, you should always ask to see writing samples within the genre that will be asked of them. It does not make sense to pay someone $10 per hour or more if they have no experience in your field regardless of how talented a writer they may claim to be.


Other types of freelancers can be more expensive. Computer programming is still an elite field, meaning that not many people are comfortable or skilled enough to be proficient in it. Finding a freelancer to design the actual layout of your site can be tricky; you will want to have access to their portfolio showing what sites they have designed in the past. The Internet has created a whole new type of work for freelancers, and has given them greater ease in finding employment. It may take a while, but it should not be too difficult to find a freelancer that meets your specific needs. Use the Internet to your advantage; there are millions of freelancers out there, it should not be too difficult to find a quality worker.


There are some drawbacks to going with a freelancer for your website. Regardless of how scrutinizing you are over previous samples of their work, you can never tell what the quality of work you receive will be. Since the freelancer is not an in-house employee, you cannot monitor them on the same level as you would an employee in the cubicle down the hall from your office. Late and inadequate work may delay your deadlines as well, causing trouble for your business.


This does not mean that you should forego hiring a freelancer to design your web page. Most freelancers are very talented and very dedicated to their employer, however, as with many professions, a few bad apples have ruined the reputation of an entire industry. If you require the use of a freelancer, you do need to make it very clear what you expect and when you expect it by. This way, there will be no confusion over the quality and timeliness of the work you receive. Your site is important to your business. In fact, it is the face of your business’s online presence. You do not want to settle for anything less than the very best. Do not be afraid to ask

this of your freelancers.


A successful freelance web designer relationship should not be hard to find. Because your site is the face of your business, you want it to be as easy to use and as professional as possible. When looking for a freelancer, you will want to make your goals very clear. By asking the best out of the freelancers you choose to hire, you will not only be getting their best, you will be making your online business more successful. You can find freelance web designers through your local phone book or by doing a search on the Internet.

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