How a Los Angeles Internet Marketing Company Can Attract and Engage Visitors at Events

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.22.2012




As a professional in a marketing search engine internet company, you may have had to take part in manning a booth at an industry tradeshow. You or your SEO Los Angeles California firmmay have observed massive amounts of people crowding around a single booth, while other booths are a virtual ghost town.


You may surmise that the overly crowded booths are doing something right, while the exhibitors at the empty booths were likely not doing enough to draw a crowd, or were just missing something. To make sure you don’t have an empty booth at your next tradeshow, there are several tips you can follow to capture and hold the attention of attendees.


The first order of business is the first impression. Make sure your booth is immaculate and that there’s a clear brand take-away and illustrates to others what your booth is all about. Also, always have customer service be your first priority and be interested in other attendees. A poor attitude will be the first thing that turns off an attendee.


If you’re showing a demo of a product, be sure to first make it clear to the attendees whether it’s up for sale or not. If an attendee loves your product prototype only to realize later that it isn’t ready or up for sale it, it could leave a customer sour. Don’t get attendees excited about a product you won’t deliver on. If the product is currently on the market, allow your enthusiastic attendees to buy it on the spot immediately.


Some companies at tradeshows will stock their booths with “booth babes,” or employees that serve as eye candy for attendees. Although there’s nothing wrong with having attractive attendants working your booth, visitors will feel cheated if your attendants have no idea what you’re product is all about. Make sure your booth hotties know their stuff.


Although your booth doesn’t need to be an all-out extravaganza, make sure you’ve at least put some effort into making your booth look presentable. Again, the first impressions are everything, so make sure you have more than fold-out chairs, a table and business cards. Having more interesting visual flair will attract visitors to your booth.


Tradeshows are often all-day events, and you may be exhausted from working several hours presenting your product to attendees. Be sure to keep your energy up in anyway you can. If your exhaustion exudes misery or complacency, then it’ll stave off any future visitors.


You may need something other than your product to get people drawn to your booth, however amazing your product may be. A raffle, a giveaway, Los Angeles video marketing, or free items could draw people over. Attendees love free stuff to take with them, and they’ll likely remember you the next time they see the stuff they raked in at the tradeshow. Those attendees could also turn into new customers.


The perfect complement to a great product is the attendant presenting the product. Be sure to make yourself and your interactions with potential customers as memorable and positive as the product. People tend not to remember the product as much as they do the person selling it.


Applying positive tips towards improving your presence at a tradeshow will make your booth a great investment and garner you more customers.


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