How a Marketing Consulting Los Angeles Agency Can Make Acquisition Emails More Visual

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.22.2012




There is a rising visual element taking over the Internet and marketing campaigns, as evidence by the take-over of visual media in the latest Facebook timeline, as well as the breathtaking rise of Instagram and Pinterest. Anyone involved in marketing consulting Los Angeles knows that many social media outlets provide lots of opportunities and options to customize your own brilliant photos.


So it’s surprising to consider that email is so much slower on the uptake in terms of the visual revolution. People sometimes forget that email is a social medium, too, if not one of the most important for a marketing campaign. Making your acquisition email campaigns more friendly to the eye will help you and an LA internet marketing consultantgain more customers.


As any web design SEO California agency can tell you, it isn’t enough to make an email more colorful or visually stimulating. They also have to make the right impression – the first impression you want your brand to make. That said, keep in mind that provocative, unique, even weird images are the ones that tend to drive the most clicks.


An acquisition email is different from other social outlets, in that a person’s email inbox is a very personal affair. Your acquisition email is likely sent to many people, or whoever is listed in your newsletter subscription; however, you should make the acquisition email feel personal and meaningful, as it’s directed only at one person at a time. Also, in order to avoid getting in a customer’s spam folder, make sure the email includes the name of the list that the customer signed up to.


In terms of images, the first order of business for you acquisition email is your brand’s logo. Your emails should have a clear brand association. If your brand logo has a specific color palette or idea behind it, you should have images that share those aspects in common. An acquisition email not only increases conversion rate and clicks, but also introduces you and your brand to the would-be buyer.


Your images should also maintain consistency in whatever environment your brand is featured in. Over time, your creative marketing strategies will likely change, yet the overall “feel” of your brand should still be felt, so the imagery shouldn’t change so radically that your brand is unrecognizable.


Your acquisition email should direct customers to a landing page, so make sure that landing page addresses the original email, both content-wise and in imagery. Your logo should consistently be seen both on your website and in your emails. For example, if you’re promoting a new style of hat for your clothing retail online store in your acquisition email, the link should take your customer to a landing page for the new style of hat. This also allows for customers to become quickly oriented to your company, both from a buyer’s standpoint and a visual standpoint.


The images you’ve set up in your emails may look lovely, but the colors may not show up in all types of emails. In this case, you may need to use alt-text for images or mix your HTML images with text.


Keeping your acquisition emails visually friendly will engage your customer into addressing your call to action.


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