How a Marketing Search Engine Internet Company Sets Up a Marketing Campaign

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.22.2012




A marketing search engine internet company cannot move forward as a company without a solid direct marketing Los Angeles campaign. A marketing manager’s job is to oversee a marketing campaign in such a way that it meets its objectives and achieves its goals. A marketing manager will also need to establish a budget, as well as monitor to campaign for its effectiveness. The process of building and overseeing a marketing campaign comes in a few steps.


(1)  Make Your Objectives Clear


The objectives for every marketing campaign for every brand and SEO agency California will be different. The objectives you determine will depend on the business’ needs. For example, if your objective is to increase sales by ten percent over a certain period of time or increase the number of loyal customers by a specific percentage. Either way, it must be a tangible goal with specific percentages. Your goals should also be realistic while also benefiting your company in the future.


(2)  Assess Your Budget


Your budget you create will depend on your business’ needs and resources available. There are several methods of building a budget.


Arbitrary allocation is the act of a marketing manager or business owner creating a budget for specific features in the campaign based on what they believe they can afford. If you trust the expertise of the business owner or marketing manager, arbitrary allocation may be the right step; if not, you may want to take a more measured approach.


Using a “percentage of sales” method entails creating a budget based on a pre-decided upon percentage of total sales. Your company, for example, may decide to allocate fifteen percentage of total sales towards the marketing campaign. With this method, calculating the budget is quite simply, but may not be the most ideal for your own objectives. Decide whether or not the percentage of sales will fulfill your goals.


One of the simplest ways to make a budget is to select the same amount that your competitor is spending. However, actually finding out the competition’s budget may be tough if you don’t have an “in” with that company.



(3)  Determine Whether You’ll Need an Agency’s Help


Employing the help of an ad agency could be beneficial, in that they are totally objective about your product, are trained to be creative and are not influence by your company’s inner politics or history. They are outsiders, just like your customers, and thus can see your products as customers see it. Decide whether its in your budget.


(4)  Monitoring Your Marketing Campaign


Whether you or not your hired an agency, you should observe, monitor and report your progress at every step of the way.


(5)  Assessing The Campaign’s Overall Success


Take a look at the objectives you made in the beginning and compare to the result of your marketing campaign. Determine if any changes will need to be made in your marketing campaign in order to meet your goals in a specified amount of time.


The point of a marketing campaign is to produce tangible results for a business over a period of time. Setting up a sensible marketing campaign will more likely lead to positive results. If a marketing campaign doesn’t meet its objective, keep adjusting the campaign for the best results.


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