How a Search Engine Marketing Firm Can Easily Create Cheap, High Quality Infographics

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson

Date: 7.25.2012


Infographics are a colorful and informative method of presenting an abundance of information, from case studies to a personal history. A search engine marketing firm will often recommend such a visual element in your website, as content that is both colorful and rich in information will likely boost your rankings in Google. But to some business owners, however, comes the question of how to make an infographic. Fortunately for you, you don’t have to spend tons of energy, time and money on web design courses in order to make a good inforgraphic.


Before going ahead to construct your inforgraphic, you obviously have to consider what will be in it, as well as what it will be about. Why should a visitor care to read your infographic? There are several tips to consider to building a solid infographic:


  • None of the information should be too long. Pare it down to a reasonable length; you don’t want visitors to scroll down an endlessly long page of content.


  • Too much verbosity will turn off a reader and it just isn’t necessary when graphics will be doing half the work in fleshing out your content.


  • Make sure the content is engaging and to-the-point, and that your sources support your thesis. Don’t bore the reader with stats that don’t mean anything.


  • Consider your audience. What kind of information are they seeking, and how will your infographic illuminate them and fill that need? You can also use your infographic to answer an actual question asked by one of your readers.


With the above tips in mind, fill out the gaps with well-researched content. Like with any venue on the internet, your infographic must have good content.


Once you know what will be in the infographic, it will be time to consider how you will build it.


There are several web-based programs that can allow you to build infographics for your site, which a search engine marketing firm may recommend. You should consider infographic programs that are either free to use or almost free, with no annual commitments and easy to use. With some of the better programs, you don’t even need to use Photoshop.


This might be a surprise to some Google users, yet you can build a simple infographic with Google Docs. If all you’re aiming for is a simple statistical infographic, with a pie chart or bar graph, this could be your bag.


The web-based program has plenty of templates through which to build your infographics. is in beta and is free to register, yet may resort to a paid service in the near future. is a program that integrates with your Facebook account and has a few free templates to choose from. has a limited free account that costs close to $15 for an upgrade to their more expansive database of templates and images.


If you have the cash to spend, you can opt for a few paid services that allow for more customization options.


If you’re on a budget and want to make your site a more visual experience, adding an infographic will be well with the investment.

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