How a Search Engine Optimization Agency Should Deal with PPC Clients

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.26.2012



A search engine optimization agency involved in the nuts and bolts of PPC campaigns and SEO can be so caught up in beefing up its technology and methods that sometimes, their bedside manner falls to the wayside. Dealing with a variety of different clients and making them happy is just as important as being current on the latest search engine advances. There are a few common pitfalls that could come up in your interactions with PPC clients, which will be shown here.


Particularly if you are a PPC manager, building relationships with your clients and developing a rapport is an important part of building you client list. This means not only making them happy, but sometimes having to deliver some bad news. Delivering such news honestly can ensure that your business relationship remains intact.


Sometimes it takes non-stop phone call and email exchanges in order to be on the right page with your PPC client. If client communication isn’t clear, it can spiral out of control and miscommunication mishaps can easily occur.


As a PPC manager at your search engine optimization agency, you must set the tempo for your communications with the client. You have lots of clients, after all, but you have to make sure you make each client feel like they’re your first priority. This means, from the first day they become your client, clearly set your expectations on how often you’ll communicate and keep them on a call or email schedule. You can also fill these call gaps with emails to let them know how things are rolling out. Be sure to respond to calls or emails in a prudent and timely manner.


Although everyone’s different, there are essentially two different types of clients you’ll run into: the hands-on client and the silent client.


A hands-on client will be in your face, wanting to know how everything works and every detail. Although the client certainly has the right to know your PPC practices and how you’re optimizing their site, this client’s urge to know every little detail and ask a boat-load of questions can slow down progress of the PPC account, and even make the PPC manager doubt his own work.


To deal with hands-on client, define your relationship from the beginning. State that you are in charge, and that you’re the expert with years of experience and a great track record. Let the client know that you can do your job well only if the client lets you do your job. Agree upon a specific frequency that you both can communicate and update each other on any changes. Relay any decisions you make in your PPC campaign with the client so that the client feels involved.


On the other hand is the silent client, whose bad habits can be just a crippling as the hands-on client. This is the client who communicates very little, sometimes to the point of not responding to your emails or returning phone calls. Although a client who sits back and lets you do your job seems wonderful, there still needs to be regular communication in order for the business relationship to work. The worst case scenario occurs when the client doesn’t seem to care about gains in the website or about any success in the PPC campaign.


In dealing with quiet clients, make sure to send emails regularly about your progress; just because the client leaves you in the dark, you should never do the same. Reschedule any missed phone calls immediately.


In any case, you ought to make sure the customer is happy in order for them to stay loyal to your company.

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