How a Search Engine Optimization Consultant Can Bring a Content Building Strategy to Life

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.20.2012




As many a search engine optimization consultant will likely tell you, a content marketing strategy is vital for websites to thrive. Having great content on your website will attract traffic and business like fruit flies. Even if you’re a content creator yourself, you probably have too much of a workload to do all the work alone. You will likely need to collaborate with another content writer to achieve your SEO goals.


There are a few considerations to keep in mind when considering bringing on content writers. For one, you’ll have to decide whether to outsource your content or hire content writers in-house. You’ll also need to organize a content calendar so that your website is regularly updated with the latest, freshest content. Also, as a search engine optimization consultant, you’ll also have to collaborate with content writers to produce the best content you can.


If you’re considering outsourcing your content, there are several agencies that have in-house writers to draft content. Your company also has the choice of hiring content writers in-house, and with that the option of hiring a writer as a chief content creator, if your budget allows.


If you’re a rather large business, the wealth of content you require may have to be outsourced. A small business, on the other hand, can hand-pick its writers from the start. Make sure you know that your every hired writer knows how to write in a way that is consistent with your brand, which is something you may have to instruct if your company follows strict guidelines.


Whether you have a large or small business, the writers you take in should be passionate about your business and should be produce content with knowledge and enthusiasm. SEO consultants should work closely with content writers, whether they are outsourced or in-house.


Creating a content calendar will help you stay focused on specific tasks and prioritize your marketing tasks. A content calendar adds structure to your activities and saves you plenty more time than no schedule at all. Also, if you create new, specific themes for every other week, then it trains your writers to expect different kinds of content at certain times.


One of the first things you should do after hiring writers to talk with them about your vision for your business, as well as what you expect out of your collaboration with the writer. If you’ve hired more traditional writers, then they may not know much about SEO writing and will need to be trained and versed in your style and format. This will require that SEOs be patient with the traditional writer’s learning curve.


When giving your writers assignments, give your writers a list to write about, and keep keywords a secondary notion. This way, writers aren’t obsessing over keywords, and their main focus is writing creative articles with their own unique flair.


As long as you collaborate well with your writing team and make your goals as clear as possible, you’ll soon be bringing your content marketing strategies to life.

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