How a Search Engine Optimization Firm Can Shape and Protect Its Link Building Strategy

Staff Writer: Carolyn Johnson


Date: 7.20.2012




Your search engine optimization firm may have relied on the same old formula and strategies for building links for a long time. New Google updates with Panda and Penguin, however, will likely endanger any link building techniques that Google considers of poor quality. If your traffic and rankings have dipped as a result of the Google policy updates, then if may be time to re-evaluate your strategy.


Google now expects all high quality, ranking sites to earn their links, as opposed to paying for them for by farming them through shady link networks. This change in your link building strategy won’t be an easy one, however, as it’s been said that earned links are usually granted from building content and or inbound marketing. Getting earned links to gain your place back on the rankings will require an allocation of budget, restructuring the organization and changing the mindset of your search engine optimization firm.


Although this change might appear daunting, especially for businesses on a budget, just about any organization can create quality, earned links. Rather, the largest obstacle is the change in mindset to get the job done.


It could be that your business may or may not be ready for such a wild change yet. There are several factors to consider and determine whether or not you’re ready.


In order to figure out if you’re link worthy, think about your unique selling proposition. What are you selling that no one on the market can offer? The cheapest retailer isn’t necessarily a valued selling proposition. The value lies in your products and services, not necessarily in your prices. However, if your business does in fact sell quality products at competitive prices, say so, but don’t make that the only thing you sell. If your selling proposition does indeed lie in your products and services, then your business is link-worthy.


You will likely find it easier to sell your brand with an in-house PR professional at your side, or hired externally. If it’s within your budget to do so, then have a PR firm help your rebuild your content and business messaging.


A PR person may recommend that you organize with local non-profit or charity organizations. You coordination and cooperation with charity organization can be a compelling fact for your customers and clients; it shows that you’re willing to give to the common good for a cause you actually believe in, and not just willing to give your name for your own marketing good.


Ask yourself whether your business is willing to allocate a portion of its budget towards earned link building strategies. An earned link building strategy will allow you to “future-proof” your future marketing and business operations.


If your site has fallen victim to Google Penguin’s strict standards and your rankings have fallen, chances are you previously resorted to substandard link building strategies and need to make a change. Asking yourself the vital questions as to whether or not your organization is ready for the change will illuminate what your organization can accomplish, both now and in the future.

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