How A Search Engine Optimization Firm Uses Creative Concepts to Make Websites Stand Out

Staff Writer: Jessica Ross

Date: 7.11.2012


Every business wants their webpage to show up on the first page of results in a search engine.  However, not every page deserves to be there.  You could have the best product deal and still not get any sales much less page views.  To help secure a slot on Google’s results you need to scope out the competition.  Why are they the top results?  Did they pay for advertising?  Are they world recognized business?  Answer these and go from there.


Dig deeper and click each page and see how user friendly and informative their pages are.  It’s ok to copy a “feel” of a page, but add your own flare.  Make your page different.  Ask yourself what your page lacks and whether or not it works properly.


Adding simple things like client reviews can really boost traffic and sales.  Having a feedback feature allows future shoppers to see that real everyday people have used your product and services.  Just because your customer service says it’s great doesn’t make it so, but a review from a customer claiming fast shipping and helpful customer service can boost sales.  Google loves to diversify their search results, so use that to an advantage.  Perhaps add a blog page that explains how to use your product or compares your product to its competitors, add a video within the blog to add a show and tell.    These things can really help your site to stand out in the crowd.

Once you have done a look over on your page and the top competitors, and there is no visual reason why your page shouldn’t hold its own against them, it’s time to look into a search engine optimization firm.  These firms have consultants that then look into your descriptions, over all page layout, and keywords to see how to raise the bar of your page.  Their goal is to maximize your views.


A search engine optimization consultant will advise you on how to optimize organic search results.  Depending on the project they will use different kind of searches to your advantage, such as image, local, video, and academic searches.  Don’t be worried when they inform you that tweaking your html is needed.  They do this to make some keywords more relevant to your site.  Your consultant might also change up your keywords to ones less used to help raise relevancy.  Google Analytics is your best friend in this.


One type is long-tail keywords, these will help boost traffic tremendously, especially if your site has major competition with companies that can pay for placement in searches.  The goal for this type of keyword is to pick the least popular phrases, but when searched can significantly increase traffic.

There’s a lot of work involved in making it into the top results, but not without great reward.  When done correctly a webpage can be extremely successful.  It’s just a matter of tweaking the details and getting creative to add an edge to set you apart from the vast number of others out there.

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